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Patricio “N” his ex, Aurea Zapata. reunited with

Mexico. Mexican television presenter Patricio “Ann”, who seeks an appeal after being linked to a process for alleged family violence,…

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Mexico. Mexican television presenter Patricio “Ann”, who seeks an appeal after being linked to a process for alleged family violence, has been sued by his wife Urea, He met her again in court.

According to information from several news portals, 55-year-old Patricio “N” corresponds with 45-year-old Suriya Zapata, When he accused her of using family violence against him.

For the above reason, Patricio “Ann” engaged with the procedure last February, but also received a warning from his wife that he could not live directly with his daughters.

urea and Patricio “N” attend a hearing on explanatory charges on Monday, May 10And it is their lawyer, Oscar Mora, who spoke to the media at CDMX about the reason for this meeting between the couple.

Patricio “Ann” and his still-wife Suriya Zapata. photo of mexico agency

“We had this hearing of explanatory arguments in relation to the appeal presented against my client’s link to process in the month of February 2022, when the controlling judge held that Patricio had committed family violence against his former partner”.

The same lawyers state that with this appeal they intend to review what happened at the preliminary hearing in February 2022, because he and his client (Patricio “Ann”) believe that the controlling judge in that decision “revealed whatever did very differently from that. The prosecutor argued at that hearing.”

The process that Patricio “N” is leading is now in the investigation stage and will end on July 14, That’s what lawyers say, and they tend to be ready if they have to reach the stage of an oral trial.

It is also detailed that the press questioned the lawyer about whether Patricio “Ann” could be arrested and replied that there was no threat of possible arrest and made it clear that the only remedy he had was to come to him. or is prohibited from carrying out his acts. Threats against your former partner.

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Patricio “Ann” hasn’t been able to see her daughters for five months, Because of the ban, this is to prevent him from committing any form of violence, and Patricio “Ann”, for his part, said that he could see them at a community center soon, as required by law. .

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