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Pati Chapoy’s doll is similar to a Mexican driver

Party Chapoy At 72, she once again became the center of attention on social networks, after her first doll appeared…

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Party Chapoy At 72, she once again became the center of attention on social networks, after her first doll appeared with Everything and her wardrobe made by a famous TikToker that had the honor of honoring one of Mexico’s most popular communicators. decided.

Francisco Valencia was in charge of creating a doll in the style of Pati Chapoy with her hairstyle, which is a classic, as well as a Carolina Herrera-style dress, one of this beautiful lady’s favorite brands, which is not only synonymous with is a Mexican show, but also of fashion for many years, as she likes to dress well.

“Mrs. is destructive, good thing she’s already grown up and soon leaves the program, she thinks she’s untouchable”, “Well, she did Mrs. Petty a favor, the doll is very beautiful” He didn’t put wrinkles on it”, “Every day something new surprises me, now that Chapoy is a fan!!! Wow!!!”, “Oh, don’t scrub! He did it all and done with plastic surgery if they look alike”, write the network.

For those who don’t know, the hosts of Ventando have been in the entertainment industry for many years, releasing very important excerpts about celebrities, which have given them great popularity but also brought controversy in their lives, something like Doesn’t care what the presenter does. stop working

It should be mentioned that for a few days we haven’t seen him in Ventanendo, because he was attacked in a shopping center by a woman who blamed him for all the problems that existed in Mexico, for which he had to face the people. had to help. who were on the spot.

And it is that husband Chapoy, despite everything, tries to lead a private life away from scandals, because there is little information about how this happens outside the cameras, so this incident gave a lot to talk about. Because the Mexican driver had not gotten into this type of trouble in many years, he wouldn’t talk about it, because he doesn’t want to make it big, although his fans hope he will.

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