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Paralysis doesn’t stop Victor from working at a job in Guasave.

Guasave, Sinaloa. – His paralysis never dampened his desire to move on. The obstacles Don Victor has faced throughout his…

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Guasave, Sinaloa. – His paralysis never dampened his desire to move on. The obstacles Don Victor has faced throughout his life are no barrier to going to work every day, he currently has one candy stallGuasave is located in the Centro neighborhood of Sinaloa.

Despite her disability, she never stopped looking for daily help, even in the pandemic years. Practicing his business as salesman for more than 18 years Francisco I. On Madero Avenue, Despite motor dysfunction due to paralysis of one half of your body, Every day he tries to go to work with his crutches, so he takes a truck to open his little stand.

the beginning

Victor Javier López is originally from León, Mocorito, however, About 40 years ago he moved to the municipality of Guasave.Hoping to find work that would lead to a better lifestyle, he started working in a grocery store in the city.

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He recalled that 18 years ago he had come to the city looking for the most strategic areas to be able to settle in, so he decided to settle in one of the busiest corners, where a famous stationery store was located, Francisco i Madero. On the Street and Dr. D’s Tower.

He mentioned that he chose the site because there is a truck stop on one side, where many students and workers transit, and where the wait is sometimes very long, because in previous years there were only three trucks per route, so that some Citizens bought sweets and drinks while urban arrived.

“I started with a few things, before sales were much better than now, because now the truth is far, everything has changed, here it was busier than now,” said the trader.

he explained that Posts like yours have been declining over the years And currently there are some that are centrally located here.

He highlighted that During the pandemic it experienced a very dire situation in terms of salesDue to the rate of infection, since many citizens chose not to take to the streets of the city, but they never gave up, they opened their stalls every day from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon, catering to all. Health protocols established by health authorities.

He confirmed that sales are now slowly improving, which aids his economy by bringing bread to his home.


he explained that When he was eight months old, he was paralyzed all over his right side of the body. And because of its consequences, he uses an orthopedic device to maintain his stability.

However, he highlighted that their disability has not been a barrier to continuing to workSo every day he tries to open his stall, and therefore travels with difficulty by truck, hoping for better sales.

He regretted that after so many years as a salesman on public roads, for which he pays a fee, the authorities wanted to get back to his business, as they wanted to rehabilitate the sidewalks, which made him their only Will leave it vulnerable to inheritance.

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“After all they want to take me away from here and they want to take away everything from me. I’m finding out why I’ve been here since 2004. I ask God to reconsider them so that they do not take away my only livelihood, ”said Don Victor.

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