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Paola Rojas extended his support to Canelo Alvarez before his defeat

few years ago paola rosa 45 years old, interviewed Saul El Canelo Alvare31 of Z, but far from talking about…

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few years ago paola rosa 45 years old, interviewed Saul El Canelo Alvare31 of Z, but far from talking about the professionalism of the interview, he immediately connected the celebrities emotionally, something that was immediately rejected, because no one wanted controversy, the beautiful woman who is now Zug’s. was not together.

That is why, away from all that gossip, Paola Rojas herself has shown Canelo lvarez that she believes in him, as she looks forward to a rematch soon against Dimitri Bivol, who won him last Saturday after several unblemished victories. This is the first time a boxer has lost .

It was through a photo where you can see Paola Rojas with the boxer and his wife Fernanda Gomez, where she makes it clear that she is with him despite the loss, but she is sure that the athlete will soon claim her title. Will achieve strongest in the world.

“We support you for the rematch from now on. @fernandagmtz @canelo”, also writes the host of Netas Divinas, who has always been a woman passionate about the sport and had the opportunity to interview the greats of the said branch Is.

As expected, the network immediately reacted to the photo of Paola Rojas and many users agreed with her statements, while others preferred that Sal El Canelo lvarez devoted himself better to his weight, which it One of the reasons was the slowing down. network.

“It’s a stumbling block and nothing to worry about. Let’s keep working and turn the page”, “That’s right. To an outstanding and successful Mexican, through thick and thin. Let’s be the champion!!! Greetings from Ecatepec edomex”, “let’s forget him, it’s not his weight and he’s already lost everything he lost, let him get back to his weight”, “better than the truth we saw” That he doesn’t even try, his body doesn’t respond to that category”, “Even they put a nice cock in front of him… and he couldn’t”, socialize with the fierce fight between the two boxers Write network.

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