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Paola Rojas cries for the words her children dedicate to her

Netas Divinas prepared a very special program for mother’s DayBut it was Paola Rojas who took the cherry on the…

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Netas Divinas prepared a very special program for mother’s DayBut it was Paola Rojas who took the cherry on the cake after listening to her children and burst into tears in the middle of the television stage, as such surprises were not expected from the minors.

In the video that he shared with Paola Rojas, you can see that he had two children with Zag, he tells her that she is a very strong woman in all aspects and it makes her feel very proud, because when the famous The woman divorced her father so she decided to give everything to him, as it is well known how he brought them forward.

While this does not mean that the children do not have the support of the former athlete, their mother has given everything for them, as in one of her many anecdotes made in Netas Deewana, she makes it clear that she has always divided her time. To watch his children grow up, whom he considers to be very well behaved, demonstrate the pride he feels as well.

“How lovely! Each one expressed himself in his own way”, “Precious gift from God Congratulations on being such a beautiful mother”, “Woo they are Siamese and they are so different, one is like you get” , and the other is just like your daddy”, “You have to be beautiful… take the emotions. We are lucky to have such special creatures in our care,” “I cried a lot when I saw it on the show Haha I guess that I was hormonal,” writes the network.

As if that wasn’t enough, Paola Rojas arrived at her newscast today with a very cheerful outfit, as dressing well has become essential for her, as she’s taught how to dress well since her divorce, because she’s very Seen with stunning designs. From knee-length dresses to dazzling palazzos, with which she makes it clear that she knows fashion.

Significantly, due to her human warmth as well as how dedicated she is towards work, she has also become one of the most loved celebrities of the show.

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