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PAN proposes electoral reforms

Mexico. – This Monday, National Action Party (PAN) submitted its proposal for Constitutional Reforms in Electoral Matters Through which he…

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Mexico. – This Monday, National Action Party (PAN) submitted its proposal for Constitutional Reforms in Electoral Matters Through which he wants a second round of presidential elections, as is done in many countries around the world, including Latin American countries.

The Electoral Amendment Project of National Action presented after the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shall send its electoral initiative to the Chamber of Deputies through which it is assumed that the members of the electoral body are nominated by the three powers of the State and elected by means of a civil vote.

through your official account TwitterThe blue and white national leader, Marco Cortés Mendoza, announced that his party had submitted its electoral reform proposal in response to the federal government.

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“Today we present our election resolution which strengthens democracy, controls the government, gets the right representation of the popular mandate in the Chamber of Deputies and creates conditions for better governance,” the PAN leader said.

It was conveyed through a statement that it takes up the reform proposal Eliminating over-representation in the Lower House along with the Congress of the Union to punish the use of social programs in the country’s electoral processes, as well as to determine whether interference Organized crime Electoral elections cause a reason to cancel them.

In the document’s description, “better representation of the people’s popular mandate in elections, encouraging greater electoral and government consensus, reducing electoral and social polarization, and instilling greater confidence in electoral processes.”

In a press conference with the coordinators of the Pan Caucus in the Congress of the Union, Marco Cortés attacked the electoral reform of the Fourth Change of Government.

By assuring the foregoing that the draft amendment of President López Obrador is regressive and authoritarianCoupled with the fact that it is not supported by the opposition faction, pointing out that it is “a poison dart against democracy, as it threatens the autonomy and independence of the National Electoral Institution.”

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Meanwhile, PAN’s coordinator of federal duties, Jorge Romero, announced that Pan’s election reform proposal would be formally presented the next day. Wednesday, May 11 in the Permanent CommissionEmphasizing that of course it has to be merged with the proposals of PRI, PRD and Citizens’ Movement (MC).