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PAN members called Sheinbaum on Line 12. demanded his separation as the head of government by

National Action Party in Mexico City asked Claudia SheinbaumHead of government steps down during investigation collapse of metro line 12To…

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National Action Party in Mexico City asked Claudia SheinbaumHead of government steps down during investigation collapse of metro line 12To guarantee complete transparency.

In addition, Acción Nacional’s federal and local legislators, as well as the PAN leadership in the capital, called for the presence of former Metro director Florencia Serranía and wider access to justice for the victims of the tragedy and their families.

Chairman of PAN in the city, andres atayde, senator Xochital Galvez, Federal deputy Maria Elena Pérez-Jane, as well as local legislators, headed by coordinator Christian von Rohrich, observed that the newspaper Country Published the third report of the Norwegian company DNV on the collapse at Los Olivos station.

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However, PAN members lamented that a year after the tragedy on Line 12, which killed 26 and injured dozens, there were still no sanctions or those responsible.

Xóchitl Gávez denies any link with the company DNV, following Sheinbaum’s allegations, and challenging the head of government to “stop seeing the Moors with the crossbars” and verify his statements; He said that the sole interest of PAN was to investigate and punish those responsible for the tragedy.

“What we are proposing is to investigate and punish those responsible for the collapse of Line 12, those who did not do their jobs, who are responsible for poor design, for construction with problems. are responsible, who have not supervised the required technology. But also, who is responsible for the maintenance”, the senator said.

Meanwhile, Deputy America Rangel said that national action She needs a head of government to step down, because she cannot be both a judge and a party.

“It has become clear that she is not going to allow her to get to the bottom of the matter as she is part of it and we should know the truth. This is a solution for the good of justice in this city,” he told a local legislator. talked to.

enough ambiguity, they say to Sheinbaum

Maria Elena Perez-JennyThe federal deputy warned that contrary to transparency rules, the contract signed between the government of Mexico City and the DNV does not reveal public information, which confirms the intention of the capital government to reserve the said document.

“It comes as no surprise to me, the refusal of information by the head of government, let me just remind you that when we asked for information from the second floor, he refused and went on to demand transparency till eternity. On the basis of commitment, I demand enough ambiguity, the only thing they will have in their political context is the ambiguity of the positions they hold!” Perez-Jane said.

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instead of deputy federico doring Said lives in Mexico City political conservatism, “From Infinite Transparency to Advertising Permanent Opacity”.

“He was already drowned, he cannot deprive the victims of historical truth, no matter how much it hurts his presidential aspiration, no human being can take away his right to know the truth, who is responsible Well, who’s going to be accountable? … There’s no worse human scoundrel than having hands full of blood, and no worse political misery; Denying the victims their right to the truth, so we’ll keep fighting , “They said.

For his part, Atayde said that it is no coincidence that Sheinbaum tried to hide the third DNV report, because, as had been foreseen, in addition to flaws in design, construction and supervision, it was clearly Clarifies that one of the reasons was the lack of maintenance of the tragedy.

This Tuesday, Sheinbaum refrained from talking about the third DNV report, saying that tomorrow, Wednesday, the issue will be discussed at his press conference.