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PAN deputy asked to stop AIFA operations

CDMX.- The PAN deputy Victor Manuel Pérez asked to stop operations at Felipe ngeles International Airport (AIFA) after a recorded…

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CDMX.- The PAN deputy Victor Manuel Pérez asked to stop operations at Felipe ngeles International Airport (AIFA) after a recorded air incident at Mexico City International Airport (AICM), unless the safety of passengers is guaranteed.

Through a letter addressed to the Secretary, Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT), George Arganis, PAN deputy referred to Incident recorded in AICM on 7th MayWhen two Volaris planes were about to collide.

PAN member explained that for months he mentioned serious problem in the airspacesuch as the persistent accusations made by employees of the Navigation Service in Mexican Airspace (senia) in almost disastrous operation due to poor handling of air traffic controllers and redesign of the airspace for AICM operations.

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Victor Pérez highlighted that in September 2020 the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (Cinecta) warned Cenim to refrain from informing the Federal Civil Aviation Agency about a number of incidents at the Mexico Control Center that took place on aircraft. related to reducing the separation between

“Recently, the International Federation of Pilot Associations issued a bulletin alerting pilots to some Incidents of airlines operating in AICM as a result of AIFA’s admission of operationsPerez noted in the letter.

“As a result, I allow myself to respectfully request a halt to operations at General Felipe Angels International Airport. unless the safety of passengers is guaranteed within airport facilities”.

The chairman of the Senate Board of Directors, Olga Sánchez Cordero from Moreno, deemed it necessary to undertake a total revision of the system, from its holders, but above all personnel providing service, such as flight controllers. , who must be highly qualified people.

“Yes, there should be a total review of personnel, especially those providing the service and system,” he insisted.

The former interior secretary also recognized the pilots who had survived a crash last weekend.

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“I want to acknowledge the pilots how barbaric, what skill these pilots have in avoiding a crash. It was amazing,” admitted Senator Sánchez Cordero.

Airlines officials and representatives who work in AICM held a meeting yesterday and agreed to order the airport system, the interior ministry reported.