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Palestinian journalist shot dead in Israeli raid

Jerusalem.- Palestinian Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran Al Jazeera journalist, died today after being shot in the head while on…

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Jerusalem.- Palestinian Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran Al Jazeera journalist, died today after being shot in the head while on the jobDuring an Israeli army raid in the northern occupied West Bank, a death for which Israel and Palestine blame each other.

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Al Jazeera’s leadership in Qatar have both blamed Israeli troops for the death of the famous journalist., 51 years old; While the Israeli government accuses armed Palestinians of being the authors of the fatal shot.

The Palestinian Health Ministry and the Red Crescent confirmed the death of Abu Akleh early in the morning and pointed to gunfire by Israeli security forces as the cause, which also injured another journalist, Ali Samudi. Al Quds and whose condition is stable.

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recognized by the press

Both Akleh and Samudi, who worked for Al Jazeera from the beginning of the Second Intifada, were duly identified as press and protected by vests and helmets.

In connection with the incident, the Israeli military indicated that, during a raid on the Jenin refugee camp, “armed suspects opened fire and hurled explosives at security forces, for which agents opened fire in retaliation.”

“The military is investigating what happened, particularly the possibility that a journalist came under fire live from a Palestinian,” he said in the death of Abu Aqleh, a Palestinian and US citizen in the occupied East Jerusalem. Said about.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the “heinous crime of execution by the Israeli occupation forces” as part of “the general policy against our people, their land and their holy places”.

Abbas also accused Israel of a general strategy of “attacking journalists to hide the truth and silence them”.

Qatari chain Al Jazeera also accused Israel of “mercilessly killing” the reporter, who is famous throughout the Arab world, a “tragedy that violates international laws and standards.”

“We condemn this heinous crime, through which to prevent the media from carrying forward their message, and we hold the Israeli government and its occupying forces responsible for the killing of the late ally Shirin,” with the Qatari Headquarters. network said. In Doha, in statement.

israeli response

The Israeli government’s response was not long in coming and the prime minister, Naftali Bennett, and the foreign minister, Yair Lapid, both blamed “armed Palestinians” for the deaths, in addition to offering the Palestinian authorities a “joint investigation”. pathology” to trace the origin of the fatal shot, which they do not agree on at the moment.

“Based on the information we gathered, it appears that the Palestinian gunmen – who were shooting indiscriminately – were to blame for the misfortune.for the death of a journalistBennett said in a statement.

The Israeli government supports its arguments in a video viral on social networks, believed to be from a raid on today’s Jenin refugee camp, in which Palestinians are seen shooting and bragging that they killed a soldier.

“We killed a soldier, he is lying on the ground,” someone is heard saying in Arabic, which according to the Israeli government is proof that he was shot Journalist,

Bennett stressed that Israeli security forces “will continue their counter-terrorism operations to end the deadly wave of terror and restore the security of Israeli citizens.”

wave of violence

Since the end of March, Israel has suffered six attacks by Palestinians or Arab-Israelis in which a total of 18 people have been killed, to which security forces have responded by strengthening the military presence in the occupied West Bank and conducting several raids. . , and “Anti-Terrorist Campaign”.

Many of these operations, as of today, have taken place in the Jenin region, where a large Palestinian militia movement is concentrated and where most of the perpetrators of the recent wave of attacks came from.

About thirty Palestinians have been killed during these operations in less than two months, some of them unarmed civilians with no ties to Palestinian militias, and dozens have been arrested.

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The Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas, which rules Gaza, also condemned the “heinous and premeditated killings”, for which it blamed Israel; As part of the reactions that led to Akleh’s death.

The Arab League called for an “in-depth investigation” into the “murder of a reporter by Israeli gunfire”, something that the governments of Jordan and Qatar, as well as journalists’ organizations and press freedom defenders, have demanded in a special way. ,

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Palestinian journalist shot dead in Israeli raid

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