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Palacio 2024, the personal style of exposing… the opposition

years of presidential tradition known as the era of auro The PRI in turn showed the power of the President…

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years of presidential tradition known as the era of auro The PRI in turn showed the power of the President in handling the nomination of the party’s candidate in power; Rarely, and not always with intensity, did the chief executive attempt to engage in barn outside opposition.

The weekly digital magazine Palacio Nacional 2024 dedicated its final edition this week (to show what López Obrador had to say in the magazine) the seminar Morning press release on Friday, April 29: Not only did the centralized management of the presidential succession process in Morena be confirmed, but the president himself allowed some advice To the opposition on the art of nominating candidates.

magazine publishes part intact – except for minor stylistic adjustments in the official version– what López Obrador said and that shows interference Eligibility To understand the depth, prospects and constraints of the allied opposition in the hunt for a single candidate, at least so far.

work schedule The presidential election on the nomination of Morena’s candidate for 2024 goes beyond the reasons that modeled the presidential succession, following, among other things, the lessons the revolutionaries learned from Porfirio Díaz: the control and use of power to maintain legitimacy. of a group. Díaz’s model of succession was clearly explained in 1908 by Francisco I. Madero in his book La Scione Presidential en 1910 in 1910. El Partido Nacional Democratico, a work that the revolutionaries and PRI members had as a bedside book, exercised because of the topmost proposal. implemented power above partisan arbitration, with the revealing fact that Porfirio Diaz always denied He was dragged out of the revolution to form the Porfirista National Party and for this reason.

At that press conference Friday, April 29, President López Obrador denied Revealed to his interior secretary and countryman, Aidan Augusto López Hernández, but to deal with a rhetoric that did little more than confirm that officer’s participation in a privileged position in the succession process Pole get out off.

Gerardo Lozada analyzed the proposal remodeling President López explains Obrador’s politico-election and the reasons why it represents a Blow The helm in the conservative electoral model that Carlos Salinas de Gortari modified in 1990 to alter the electoral structure in such a way that it would remain sameAnd even more authoritarian, centralist and anti-democratic.

Analyst Guillermo Buendia presents a detailed analysis of context Electoral Reform and Patricia Campos Refer to Morena’s President’s Ability to Win Description Of succession: López Obrador has “captured the vital meaning of the public class, the agora of tropes and political campaigns towards 2024”, especially because Development Time to get into the rhythm.

Diego Velázquez provides a very interesting analytical frame of reference theory Junction: ends of nomenclature And this mugano As a risk to the Fourth-T group: “The Ghost of Murder, the Betrayal and the corporatist chieftain, Muegano la Nomenclatura”, among incapacity To create a new political class of Morena. For now, it is concluded that the fourth-t No indicates no historical break with Muegano and Nomenclatura, as they will continue to pass presidents and constantly coming caciques and powers that be.

Samuel Schmidt Introduces La Variable Economic Places as a reference the violation of the commitments of economic reactivation in the succession process and beyond the very poor 2% The annual average of the long cycle of the neoliberal economy 1983–2000, while the opposition is using uncertain economic results and even appears to begging that the economic crisis worsens into inflation, devaluation and economic growth to take advantage of some places Criticism Effective for Lopezobradorista Govt.

Once again in the 22nd edition of the Palacio Nacional 2024 magazine Presidentialism In the broken axis of the political system, despite the progress and setbacks made since the 1988 crisis.

policy for dummiesPolitics often serves as an excuse too.

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