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Outrage over the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor in Colombia

Paraguay.- The Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi was murdered in Cartagena, Colombia Tuesday morning. He was Victim of a Hitman Attack…

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Paraguay.- The Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi was murdered in Cartagena, Colombia Tuesday morning. He was Victim of a Hitman Attack When he was on a private beach on the Baru peninsula in the company of his wife, a TV channel journalist, communicator Claudia Aguilera.

was a tax agent honeymoon with his wife, The couple announced on the network just a few hours ago that the journalist was pregnant.

Ambassador to the Republic of Colombia Sofia Lopez Garelli confirmed the information. The incident will take place at around 11:24 am.

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A prosecutor specializing in organized crime was gunned down, according to the accounts of Colombian journalists. The attackers converged on jet skis. Aguilera was not injured in the attack.

statement of officials

Mario Abdo Benitez, President of the Republic of Paraguay made the following posts on his social networks; “The cowardly murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi in Colombia is mourned by the entire Paraguayan nation. We strongly condemn this tragic incident and reiterate our commitment to the fight against organized crime. Our heartfelt condolences to their families.” “

Ivan Duke, the President of Colombia expressed the following on social networks; “We reject the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Cartagena. I spoke with President Mario Abdo to express my condolences and to agree on all cooperation to find those responsible. Director of Police is already investigating in the city to exist.

Sandra Quinonez, Attorney General of the State of Paraguay, posted on the network the following, following her meeting with the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez; “I am grateful for the visit of the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, who has expressed his condolences to the entire family of the Public Ministry for the cowardly crime committed by the financial agent Marcelo Pecchi in Colombia.

In addition, it has offered the full support of the national government to the investigation that has already begun simultaneously in our country and Colombia to bring criminals and masterminds to justice.”


Paraguay Interior Minister Federico González said agents from the national police and public ministry would travel to Colombia to contribute to the investigation.

“There are many edges to follow. Obviously he is a very committed person. It could be in the area of ​​drug traffickingBut I don’t want to foolishly confirm the reason for the attack”, he mentioned.

He said Pecci has pursued high-profile cases and produced excellent results. He denied that Pekki had reported any threats against him.

reaction to murder

“The cowardly murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Colombia has brought mourning to the entire Paraguayan nation” Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic of Paraguay.

“I spoke with President Mario Abdo to express my condolences and agree on all cooperation to find those responsible.” Ivan Duque, President of Colombia.

“Abdo has offered the full support of the national government to the investigation that has already begun simultaneously in our country and Colombia.” Sandra Quinonez, State Attorney General.

“It may be in the area of ​​drug trafficking, but I don’t want to goof up with the reason for the attack.” Federico Gonzalez, Minister of the Interior.

The Prosecutors’ Union announced that the Public Ministry faced cuts in its budget. Is it not possible for them to have security agents.

Prosecutor Pekki was on a honeymoon with his wife when they were attacked by the killers. Photo: Instagram

emblematic cases

Bilateral action with Brazil In May 2019, Marcelo Pecci, Liliana Alcaraz and Susie Riquelme carried out the case of the secret act signed by Hugo Velázquez with Brazil. The document established an annual loss of US$250 million for our country.

Imedic Case. On June 10, 2020, Marcelo Pecchi and Susie Richelme accused Patricia Ferreira, daughter of Justo Ferreira and president of Imedic SA Dis, following the irregular delivery of Chinese and Indian medical supplies to the Institute of Social Security (IPS).

Ronaldinho case. In March 2020, Marcelo Pecchi and Osmar Legal investigated the case involving former football player Ronaldinho. He himself came to our country for a charity activity with false documents.

Pharmaceutical Laboratory. In October 2020, prosecutors Marcelo Pecci, Federico Delfino and Alicia Sapriza destroyed a pharmaceutical laboratory set up at Tacumbe Prison. Over 2,400 grams of cocaine and over 3,000 grams of crack were confiscated.

Jamina festival. In February 2022, Marcelo Pecchi was appointed to investigate the hitman who ended the life of Christina “Vita” Aranda, model and wife of Ivan Torres, Olympia footballer. The incident happened during a concert in the city of San Bernardino.

extreme operation. In March 2022, Marcelo Pecchi was one of the prosecutors appointed for the operation that destroyed a criminal structure. This influenced national deputies such as Juan Carlos Ozorio and Erico Galleno, both Colorado legislators.

other matters

“Operation Falcon I” (2013). Senad managed to seize more than 311 kg of cocaine after a confrontation with smugglers at a secret track in the Lima district of San Pedro.

“Operation Falcon VI” (2014). Seizing a shipment of 350 kg of cocaine on board, the single-engine Cessna 206 aircraft with Bolivian registration attempted to take off, however, accurate shots fired at the aircraft’s nose guided by two Bolivians, were therefore disabled.

“Zootopia” (2017). Destroying the largest air structure of the First Capital Command (PCC) in Paraguay. This was made possible through an inter-institutional intelligence operation called “Zootopia”, which resulted in the seizure of over 500 kg of cocaine.

“Operation Australia” (2018). He put an end to an international drug trafficking scheme. An anti-drug campaign by the national authorities allowed the dismantling of an international drug trafficking structure based in our country. The operation consisted of four simultaneous raids in Itapua and San Pedro Departments. 448 kg of cocaine seized, 7 aircraft and 5 people arrested.

Pekki was shot twice

El Tiempo de Colombia journalist Alicia Méndez said she is consulting with police and the prosecutor’s office for more information about the attack by prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

He told that the Decameron Hotel is a very nice hotel and is located in Cartagena, Colombia. This is a hotel that can only be reached by sea.

Contacted by Aguilera, she informed him that on Tuesday morning she was going to the beach in the company of her husband. While they were lying down, two men on jet skis came, one of them got off, went in their direction and shot Pekki in the face, the other shot in the back. Pecci’s response was to defend himself, which is why the second shot was received in that area.

,hit man got on the jet ski and left, I had never heard of a hitman who rode a jet ski. There were two people in it, one who was driving and the other who shot. Pakki died on the spotPeople came to his aid without success,” he said.

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The couple was rushed to the scene, seeing that it is a private beach.

,It was a well planned and directed crime, I don’t know if the killers are Paraguayan or Colombian. The Director of the National Police, Jorge Luis Vargas, chose five elite agents to investigate. The United States also announced support for the investigation. The work has already started,” said Alicia Méndez, El Tiempo de Colombia journalist.

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Outrage over the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor in Colombia

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