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Orange Crisis: Farmers “Can’t Even Breathe” Because of Prices

starts in the month of May The last Citrus stage in Spain. The campaign this year has been marked by…

By admin , in news , at May 9, 2022

starts in the month of May The last Citrus stage in Spain. The campaign this year has been marked by war and a price crisis in Ukraine, and the Valencian Association of Farmers (AVA-Asja) has described it as “absolutely”. destructive,

While the cost of production has increased over 30 year-on-year due to higher prices of electricity, fuel and fertilizer; basically the prices have been Collapsed Half as compared to last year, keeping most varieties below cost. However, this situation has not affected the pockets of the people. consumersBecause the prices for them have remained high and even increased.

For this reason, AVA-Asja requested a “one line” from the Ministry of Agriculture last April. direct assistance for citrus fruits due to the severe profitability crisis that the vast majority of orange and mandarin growers are going through”, something that has not materialized.

foreign competition

spanish orange complete from other producing countries in Europe, such as Turkey, Egypt or Morocco. Furthermore, Brexit has caused the British market to prefer the South African product, which requires low guarantee For the prevention and treatment of diseases of these plants.

The President of AVA-ASAJA, Cristóbal Aguado, said a month ago that “the government should act in a urgent Because it is clear that the market stabilization mechanism is not working, the law of the food chain is being violated and is being imported from abroad, produced according to phytosanitary and environmental standards more looseThey are displacing our citrus fruits in European markets.”

“The war in Ukraine has made the situation worse, but it is by no means the only reason. As long as there is its own production with prices from clay, another import will not enter. We need to reclaim community preference, remove agriculture from the rules of competition, and rebalance the value chain forever. But without all this, if we don’t want to see how abandoned garden», Aguado added.

10 cents per kilo

From AVA-ASAJA they say that “the only link that is found Loss of production. The farmer, on the other hand, gets the leftover pieces from the sale – about 10 cents a pound for oranges right now – and can’t don’t breathe, A serious administration would open an investigation to determine what is happening in the citrus market and at least enforce the law so that all links, including those of the manufacturer, are owned by them. profit,

In fact, in the Valencia Citrus Market’s final price bulletin – which corresponds to the previous May 2 – Naval Lane Late Orange, one of the later varieties, was cited as fewer 9 and a half cents. At the same price was the Ortanique Mandarin, which was also typical of this late season. Also, in this bulletin it is reported that they are happening: «With shopping Precaution And light atmosphere in the collection».