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On penalties, Mazatlan FC lost against Puebla in the MX League

Puebla de Los Angeles.- Mazatlan FC They tried until the end, but in a duel played at the two-time World…

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Puebla de Los Angeles.- Mazatlan FC They tried until the end, but in a duel played at the two-time World Cup Kuoutemoc Stadium and despite a last-minute goal by Nicolas Vikonis, who went into the attack, finish 2-2 in 90 minutes,

Puebla hit more than the penalty and 3-1 . signed pass with By his side in the shootout, with Antony Silva as the protagonist.

Just three minutes later, Stripe took the lead on the scoreboard. A foul on the edge of the field by Eduard Bello would break Nicolas Viconis’s door in a free kick shot.

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Diego de Buen impressed with power at medium height, clinging to the goalkeeper’s left post, forcing Cuoutémoc to vibrate 1-0.

It was in the 12th minute, when the home team was close to second, Viconis could not stop the long ball, as Maximilano Araujo tried to break through the door but hit the net from outside.

Two minutes more, Juan Pablo Segovia, appeared completely alone and rose to the top to score the second of the afternoon, against a very poor score from Canoneros.

The people of the house seemed to be the absolute domination of the match.

Mazatlan It was slowly released onto the field, but before the 30th minute, a torrential downpour hit the pitch at Kuoutemoc.

At 37′, Morados came back to life, following a series of rebounds from a corner kick with a goal from Brian Rubio, Juan Pablo Segovia tried to deflect it over his head, but left the ball at Mercy, So that Rubio pushed it to the bottom with 2-1 on the scoreboard.

With rain and a goal, the home team lost its compass, even at 40′, they were saved from the second ball, with a ball that the defense could not clear and Marco Fabian put on the post. gave.

The second half started with aggressive initiative by both the teams.

Mazatlan He had the ball, but when he crossed three-quarters of the floor, he lacked depth.

Puebla made three changes on minute 61. They entered: Federico Mancuello, Lucas Maia and Martin Barragán; Left his place: Pablo Parra, Jordi Cortizo and Daniel Aguilar.

For Mazatlan, Gabriel Caballero entered Ivan Moreno and Gonzalo Sosa, leaving the field, Andrés Montano and Eduard Bello.

On a rebound, Guillermo Martínez made it 2–1, but an advanced position caused the boundary to be over.

In the end, Caballero released all of his ships for flight, with the admission of Jorge Zarate and Miguel Sansoures, sending Roberto Meraz and Osvaldo Alanis to the bench.

Five minutes from the end, the home team was left with a low due to the expulsion of Martin Barragan, who saw his second yellow card after a late sweep.

The ball went through the entire area of ​​Poblanos and on a couple of occasions the goal was not dropped.

The referee added six minutes, and on the second tips, in a corner kick, Nicolas Vikonis scored the equalizer in an incredible way to ignite the enthusiasm of the gunboat bench and the traveling Sinalone.

The goalkeeper came alone, he finished with a header and almost managed to deflect an opponent on the line but not enough to avoid a tie.

The winner was defined by eleven stages, where Puebla was more dominant to take the shootout 3–1 and seal their pass in the league.

Federico Mancuello, Jorge Corral and Israel Reyes scored for Puebla.

Mazatlan, on the other hand, could not with Antony Silva who stopped two and could only score one slugger, Jorge Padilla, Nicolas Diaz and Marco Fabian missed out. Only scored, Miguel Sansores.

penalty shootout

Mazatlan FC

Jorge Padilla (0-0)

Miguel Sansoures (1-1) (scored with a shot from inside at mid height above the left post)

Nicolas Diaz (2-1) (failed, Silva stalled with a charge in the middle and without power)

Marco Fabian (2-1) (missed a shot in the middle which Silva guessed to stop)


Federico Mancuello (1-0) (score, charged inside left post, deceives Viconis)

Diego de Buene (2-1) (scored on, punched in the middle, diddge Viconis)

George Corral (2-1) (miss, shot to the left that goes wide)

Israel Reyes (3-1, scored, shot at right angle which Vikonis guessed but could not join)



Antony Silva
Gustavo Ferraris (83′)
John Paul Segovia
Diego Good
Israel Reyes
Maximilano Araujo (88′)
Javier Salas (Warning)
Danielle Aguilar (61′)
Jordi Cortizo (61′) (reprimand)
Pablo Parra (61′)
William Martinez


Federico Mancuello (61′)
Lucas Maya (61′)
Martin Barragan (61′) (reprimanded) and (81′, departed)
Emanuel Gularte (83′)
George Coral (88′)

Mazatlan FC

Nicolas Vikonis
George Padilla
Nestor Glass (76′)
Oswaldo Alanis
Nicolas Diaz (reprimand)
Jefferson Intriago
Roberto Meraz (76′)
Andres Montano (65′)
Eduard Bello (65′)
Brian Rubio (85′)


Gonzalo Sosa (65′)
Ivan Moreno (65′)
George Zarate (76′)
Miguel Sansoures (76′)
Gonzalo Freitas (85′)

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