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Officer Vicky White dies with Alabama prisoner

United States.- Officer Vicky Whitewho ran away with him Recluso Casey White in Alabama, United States, died as a result…

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United States.- Officer Vicky Whitewho ran away with him Recluso Casey White in Alabama, United States, died as a result of injuries According to what was disclosed, it was presented this Monday in the state of Indiana after he and the prisoner were arrested CNN By Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding.

On this day the American jailer was hospitalized after being shot. bullets that he shot himselfAfter being detained after being chased by police in Evansville, Indiana, as released by United States Marshals Service For the above information series.

Before the chase began, stakeout officers reportedly saw White leaving a hotel wearing a wig. Later, he and the prisoners got into a vehicle and left.

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Sensing this, security officers began monitoring the jailer and the prisoner-made pair until a vehicular chase, which ended when a member of the Marshal Service Task Force blocked the way for the car being driven by Vicky. done. It to crash and flip.

Security agents were able to get Casey White out of the damaged vehicle, however. Vicky White was trapped inside after being shot in the head,

“Help my wife, she shot herself in the head and I didn’t,” Casey reportedly told US officials, despite the fact that they were reportedly not married.

Regarding the officer’s health condition, the Vanderbaugh County Sheriff said at a news conference after the arrest that the injuries he presented were “very serious”, to which he indicated to reporters that the woman It was “quite serious”, The woman’s death will be announced later.

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“It took a lot of preparation. They had a lot of resources, cash, vehicles, they had everything they needed to pull it off, and that’s why it became so challenging in the last week and a half. That’s it, we Started: They took a six-hour lead on us,” the officer said of White’s capture operation.

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