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“Now we take care of criminal gangs”

Rarely has there been an expression as unfortunate as President López Obrador’s yesterday when he said elements of the armed…

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Rarely has there been an expression as unfortunate as President López Obrador’s yesterday when he said elements of the armed forces we saw in a video were widely persecuted, threatened, humiliated by a convoy of hitmen on the streets of Nueva Italia, Michoacan . In broad daylight, they did not react because now “we take care of the armed forces, the defense, the elements of the National Guard, but we also take care of the gang members, because they are human beings.”

Sorry, but the Mexican state exists to protect citizens and their institutions from these types of organized criminal groups that violate the right to peace, coexistence and prosperity. The state is not here to take care of criminals and their gangs, it is here to fight them. No one says it should always be resorted to by violence, but what we’re experiencing is quite the opposite: there are perpetrators of violence against civilians, nearly 130,000 deaths in a six-year term, the highest figure in history. , a million disappeared, a third of the national territory not under the control of the Mexican state, the massacres every week are a demonstration that this “criminal gang care” nonsense is costing too much to society and to institutions .

Not only because it devalues ​​them, but also because their elements are increasingly attacked by criminal gangs that often operate, as in the case of Nueva Italia, with complete impunity. Just one fact: Since the start of the six-year term, a police officer is murdered every day in the country. One police per day. No day ends with at least 70 murders and sometimes more than a hundred. I don’t know if criminal “gangs” are taken care of, but certainly neither citizens nor institutions are taken care of.

At the National Palace, President López Obrador also argued that not responding to attacks by criminals was “a responsible attitude”. Sorry, but that’s another lie. This can be a responsible attitude if the killers are persecuted, arrested, prosecuted. Nothing like this happened. In any case, more than worrying about protecting gangs, one should worry a lot about the fact that in broad daylight convoys of armed hit men roam the cities, even the army itself. If you give the luxury of attacking, nothing happens.

Michoacan, we have said many times, is a drug trafficking laboratory. What happens in that state is almost always broadcast to the rest of the country. And for months security and military forces have been attacked with impunity by criminal groups and spread to other parts of the country. Nueva Italia’s persecution is a demonstration of this, but it is part of an argument that we have seen over and over again in communities, in cities, in attacks on soldiers and members of the National Guard, in drone attacks against them. their units, along with attacks against military installations as well. A few weeks ago we saw, in Sinaloa, how a group of assassins captured a military camp, disarmed soldiers, beat them up, humiliated them, humiliated them. We saw how Caborca, in Sonora, was occupied by criminal groups who traveled for miles in an armed convoy along federal highways without disturbing anyone. We have seen how sailors and soldiers are kidnapped as a pressure measure before an arrest.

It’s true what the president says: It ain’t the same. We have not seen this type of aggression against institutions and society before. The degree of criminal empowerment that we are experiencing, where these groups feel empowered and able to take over communities, towns, working in broad daylight in cities and regions, is unprecedented. The Fox, Calderón and Pea Nieto administrations made mistakes, to varying degrees, in the fight against organized crime, but what we are seeing and experiencing in recent days is unique and from the results of “gang care”. There has been no profit. society and institutions. What exists is freedom from punishment. Criminal groups suffer the most from their own conflicts.

In an interview he gave us for the book La Nueva Guerra, del Chapo al Fantanillo (2021, Grijalbo), General Luis Crescencio Sandoval told us that “the Armed Forces, said the Secretary of Defense, continue to operate and carry out tasks For the benefit of security, but there are aspects that the President has entrusted us with a lot. First, unrestricted respect for human rights, and second, being very forceful about the proper application of the national law on the use of force. He It also stressed that these instructions did not seek to undermine their actions.” By insisting on respect for human rights, a confusion was created among soldiers that made them hesitate to act in some cases, resulting in There were attacks by some people who were against the law. But it was not the President’s directive, he never indicated that we allow ourselves to be beaten; On the contrary, he expressed his concern about these incidents saying that we cannot continue beating our soldiers. For this reason, criminal gangs cannot be “cared for” “in the same way” as military elements, as the president said yesterday. They are not equal, they are not equal, it is not fair or sensible.

“Now we take care of criminal gangs”

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