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Nothing was silent! Delfina Merino was not invited to the Hockey World Cup with Las Leones and expressed her anger with a public letter – people online

Lioness is one of the best women’s hockey teams. They come from a great season where they won a silver…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

Lioness is one of the best women’s hockey teams. They come from a great season where they won a silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and are now preparing to fight in the Hockey World Cup which will start from 1st July and will go on till 17th of that month. But not everything is happy for one of the captains of the team: delphine merinoWho came to know from one day to the next that he has not been called to play the World Cup.

Trainer fernando ferrarawho took office after resignation Carlos Retegui, decided that the player would not be part of the team that would perform in Tarrassa (Spain) and Amstelveen (Netherlands). ,Delphi is a great player, but for me today she is not going through her best moment and I think there are other players who are doing better in her position. The reason is special sporty“That was the justification he gave ESPN Hockey,

for its part, merino She was not silent and decided to vent her anger through a statement on her social network. “A week ago the coach told me the news that no player wants to receive: ‘We won’t take you into account for the World Cup for sporting reasons’“He expressed his great anger with his followers.

,Since then those are tough days for me. Days of reflection. It makes me angry and sad, but at the same time I am calm with myself”, the player said, he was very disappointed at not being able to compete with his teammates in such an important sporting event. ,With two months left in the World Cup, I think it’s quite a time gap in which coach’s perceptions can change and if there were doubts about my performance, I would have valued my chances of making it to these 8 games. who are coming to the ProLeague with the European teams. I deeply regret not getting this opportunity.”He expressed

Furthermore, he clarified what it was that hurt him the most about the decision: “I think it was worth it” A chance to fight till the end for a place in the team,This hurts me and I don’t understand that being one of the captains and in constant interaction with the coaching staff, none of them warned me that they were not satisfied with my playing performance.He said and added: “I gave my heart to the Argentina national team, and I would do it again without a doubt. I will always be grateful for everyone’s support. always from argentina,

delphine merino They have won a large number of championships together with Las Leones. She was world champion at Rosario 2010 and a two-time Olympic silver medalist (London 2012 and Tokyo 2020), some of her many victories. She was also selected as the best player in the world by the International Hockey Federation in 2018. . more information on



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