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Not fit to be AMLO president: Brozo

Mexico.- Brozo assures that AMLO is not fit to behave as President of MexicoBecause they have not acted according to…

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Mexico.- Brozo assures that AMLO is not fit to behave as President of MexicoBecause they have not acted according to their presidential obligations and live in a bubble where reality is measured by their own data.

Brozo, played by a clown, on May 6, 2022, during the #TeneBrozo event broadcast by Latinas YouTube channel Victor TrujilloMexican President crossed Andres Manuel López Obrador Being a Poor Merenguero,

“To our apologies, it’s time to admit that we are doing like Uncle Lolo, yes, let alone idiots, it is useless to treat Andrés as President of the United Mexican States, because Andrés is not the President of the United Mexican StatesHe does not lead the government,” he assured. brozzo About AMLO and the Presidency.

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Well, that tells President Lopez Obrador He only meets at least a dozen friends with whom he coordinates what to do and say, so as to continue to preserve the privileges he enjoys when he comes to power.

However, Brozzo did not specify which characters they match with AMLO.

“The disgrace is that at some point we thought you made for distraction, but even moms don’t, it’s not because those crap is the only thing on your menu, you gave us a Sold the image of the hero, who will go down in history Next door to Cardenas, what do I call Cardenas, of Madero, what do I say of Madero, of Juarez, what do I say of Juarez, of Hidalgo, what do I call Hidalgo, of Buddha , What do I say to the Buddha, of Mohammed, what do I say to Mohammed of Christ the Redeemer himself, ”he expressed. Brozzo with gusto and derision against President López Obrador,

Later, Victor Trujillo, disguised as Brozzo, announced that Amlo He is just a petty king who only wants to “suck up” people, as he already did with his followers.

“The only thing we got was a little king, a little king, a little king, who by reducing his salary forced everyone to earn less than himself, as was done along the line of thought, we To put everyone on a level where we are all idiots and no one has a right to more, because in your opinion, the one who doesn’t stay behind the line you’ve painted is a traitor, ambitious, a fifi who Will sell his mother for 10 dirty dollars,” said Brozo during the event which has just over 700 thousand views on YouTube.

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He said it is useless to question and criticize AMLO with real data, because the Mexican president lives in a fantasy created by his own data, which has nothing to do with reality, according to Joker. personal attack, Brozzo assures that López Obrador is only a sad projection What does he want to be?

“No, don’t smile, as when this happens we will applaud even your most insignificant success, so we will continue to beat, criticize and claim all your vandalism, stupidity and nonsense, because you are not one of the great political chessmen.” player, no you are a poor meringue who stays away from the toss” he concluded AMLO. Brozo against,