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No problem in redesign of airspace: AMLO

There is no problem with the redesign of the airspace in the Valley of Mexico, which was invented by our…

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There is no problem with the redesign of the airspace in the Valley of Mexico, which was invented by our opponents, the president confirmed on Tuesday. Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwho declined to revise the redesign.

In his morning press conference at the National Palace, the President said, “I say categorically that there is no problem with the redesign in the management of the airspace.

He also mentioned that in the case of Mexico City International Airport (CDMX) groups, but they warned that the public interest would not be affected.

For this reason, López Obrador said, the Interior Ministry is meeting with the airlines.

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when they were going to texcoco airportThe executive added the monument to corruption that studied management air spaceHe acted in a partisan manner, to say the least.

“Because they were paid to decide that it was not possible to negotiate the airspace, only Texcoco airport could operate, as the promoters of this work planned to have 600 hectares of the current airport’s land. base, to make a kind of Santa Fe, a real estate business,” said

“Then they had to make the decision to close the current airport, and not only the current airport, but also Santa Lucia airport, they also adjusted the runway for that purpose, because what was behind it was immovable. There was business of property, they are corrupt.”

López Obrador explained that one of these companies did all the “rinsing” to give it the look of professionalism, but what was behind it was the objective of keeping 600 hectares of Mexico City International Airport.

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The president explained that he had built AICM’s Terminal 2 under the government of Vicente Fox, which was charged with gold prices, was poorly done and was sinking, “and that was all going to waste.” Was.”

He said he ordered the construction of the President’s hangar with the Higa company for the new aircraft, and that it cost one billion pesos, “and that was all about to go to waste.”

“That’s why they were so angry, and now they’re back with the airfield redesign, which I send them, with all due respect, to go somewhere else with their story,” Tabascan, who explained that they are running into recent differences.

López Obrador argued that there were 36 years of loot and that they corrupted everything, and that if they could not eliminate Mexico, it is because people have many values.

New phenomenon in the airspace

Air traffic controllers registered a new risk situation in Mexico City flight operations at a time when aeronautical officials are trying to respond to reports from international pilots associations.

Government officials said a flight approaching AICM was cleared to land on the runway where another aircraft was scheduled to take off on Saturday night.

It came hours after transport officials formed a working group to discuss the increase in dangerous incidents in the capital’s airspace.

Following the incident, federal government officials and airline representatives held a meeting at the Interior Ministry on Monday to agree that 25 percent of AICM’s passenger and cargo operations would move to the new international airport in the coming months. (AIFA) and Toluca City Airport.