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no foreign policy

As part of the public policy that the government of the Mexican state must develop, foreign policy is constituted as…

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As part of the public policy that the government of the Mexican state must develop, foreign policy is constituted as a fundamental tool to not only protect the integrity of the territory, whereby national sovereignty is maintained at all times, but It is also the ideal means to activate mechanisms that promote and enhance the quality of life of the population.

Unfortunately, like internal politics, Mexico’s foreign policy has been lost in the direction of an immediate, prejudiced, reductionist Morenoit regime that is overwhelmed not only by the national reality, but also by the international reality.

Without the ability to articulate, for four years this government remains self-absorbed and without major resolutions or reasons abroad, thereby losing Mexico great opportunities to promote a more equal and fair international society, and whatever What has been done has been disastrous for the national interest.

Foreign policy and domestic policy must follow parallel tracks, but in the same direction: the protection of human rights, along with the prosperity of the people and the rule of law, is ultimately one of the eight principles of constitutional provision that govern our governance. should be controlled. Foreign Policy.

Does Mexico’s national interest lie in obstructing the organization of international summits that may call for joint efforts to cope not only with the consequences of a dire economic situation, but also in the context of war? Definitely not.

These attitudes follow the interests of the smaller, but not the, Mexican nation.

As demonstrated in all governments emerging from the PRI, foreign policy is an essential and effective instrument for promoting our country’s economic development, while contributing to peace, cooperation and prosperity in the region and the world.

But this is not the case with Morena. In his visit to the five allied countries of Central America and the Caribbean, federal executive power did not promote cooperation for the development of those nations, but actually destroyed relations with the United States in an effort to promote individualistic and ineffective programs. done. There has been no positive result in alleviating poverty, reducing crime and promoting development in Mexico.

The group in power is being irresponsible not only with the Mexican people, but also with our Latin American brethren.

Morena leads the worst government in our country’s history and the consequences of his international foresight will have dire consequences for our people. The prestige and prestige of a nation is not built by improvisation, whims or folly.

no foreign policy

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