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Nikola Jokic Is Officially The Most Valuable Player

A few days ago, various media reported that Nikola Jokic will be appointed most valuable Player (MVP for its abbreviation…

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A few days ago, various media reported that Nikola Jokic will be appointed most valuable Player (MVP for its abbreviation in English) for the 2021/2022 NBA season, and today it has become official.

Jokic, Star Center of the Denver Nuggets He has been awarded the KIA Most Valuable Player Award, his second consecutive nomination.

2.13m Serbian got 65 votes for first place, 27 for second, 6 for third and 2 for fourth, for a total of 875 points, finished second Joel EmbiidCenter for the Philadelphia 76ers, who received 26 first-place votes, 39 second-place votes, 34 third-place votes and one fourth-place vote, for a total of 706 points.

He was third with a total of 595 points Giannis Antetokounmpo The Milwaukee Bucks, who are already two-time MVP of the league, one-time Defensive Player of the Year, NBA Champion, and MVP of the Finals.

Stowe’s genius

Nikola Jokic stood out even more than last season, when he received his first MVP, which in 2021/2022 scored 27.1 points (career high), 13.8 rebounds (career high), as well as 7.9 assists, and 1.5 per night. Except for theft records.

His averages in points (sixth), rebounds (2nd) and assists (eight), make him the only player to be in the top 10 in the 3 main statistical categories.

Because it wasn’t enough, he became first player in historyto register at least 2 thousand points, thousand rebounds and 500 assists In an NBA season.

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Without his top 2 teammates, Jamal Murray, who is recovering from a torn cruciate ligament in his knee, and Michael Porter Jr., who had surgery to repair a back injury, Jokic led the Nuggets to the Western Conference. Participated in the playoffs, taking sixth place. , where they lost 1-4 to the Golden State Warriors.

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Nikola Jokic Is Officially The Most Valuable Player

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