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Faced with new humiliation inflicted upon him by the military by a motorized gang of criminals traveling the streets of…

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Faced with new humiliation inflicted upon him by the military by a motorized gang of criminals traveling the streets of Michoacán, President López Obrador said yesterday: “We take care of the elements of the armed forces of the defense, of the National Guard, But we also take care of the gang members, they are human beings…”.
Beyond the fact that the President was elected not to care but merely to obey and respect the Constitution and the laws, and for this reason his statement contains a blatant lie, this claim is extremely worrying as he is the Supreme Commander. are like the soldiers we saw fleeing criminal oppressors, drug traffickers who despise programs like future building and life sowing, because in exchange for a lot of money, they like to cultivate death and Mexico keep the population in fear over large areas of
The “cause” of their actions is easy money and therefore no government will, ever, be able to “attack the cause” of their actions.
Where are the principles and values ​​today in which the cadets of the Gallant Military College or the officers and commanders of the Defense College and the Higher War College or those who are trained in the Maritime Secretariat campuses?
Beautiful escape is favored and passionate dedication despised, concepts such as respect, justice, service, loyalty, commitment, responsibility, honesty, discipline, solidarity, courage and respect become verbatim and it is appropriate, as In the song is asking: “And where is the pride, where is the courage…?”.
Around this time, in 2019, soldiers were subdued and disarmed by “inhabitants” of Huacana, also in Michoacán, and the commander was forced to return the confiscated weapons (including the 50-caliber barrett). was done.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time that López Obrador slipped and humiliated the armed forces he commands.
For example, Ovidio Guzmán had an abortion in Culiacán, which he ordered to be disabled.
He then directed the Secretary-General of Defense to disclose the name of the particular group that had to its credit more than 600 arrests of organized crime and whose existence was kept secret for a period of four to six years for obvious reasons.
Worse: At the next presidential conference, he asks the chief of Sedna to reveal the identity of the commander of that team, thereby not only putting the military chief and his family in danger of death, but also committing the greatest betrayal: betrayal. A subordinate.
The idea that criminals insult soldiers “are humans” is as logical as their rights should be respected, but the government is not supposed to “take care of them”, but persecute them so that they are instructed in their favour. Can you Process.
Otherwise, the topics to be covered in the military curriculum are: submission, escape, evasion, embracing, and eliminating target practice so that there are no bullets.

new military course

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