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New lottery commission facing government

The government has another hot potato on the table. This is what began to take shape in July 2022, which…

By admin , in news , at May 13, 2022

The government has another hot potato on the table. This is what began to take shape in July 2022, which manifested itself in the center of Madrid on 22 September and which took over the doors of the Royal Theater on 22 December. christmas lottery,

loss loteros Spain was asked to update the commission for the sale of Primitiva, Bonoloto, Euromillion, Quinella … which have been frozen for 18 years. Now with inflation skyrocketing, they need relief from the ministry hacienda This has come across as a “joke” as they describe it in the forums.

Is able to access the debate table new commissions Where it can be seen that some have grown very little and some have not.

new commissions

  • Primitiva / Bonoloto D 0,055 and 0,059
  • EuroMillion 0.125 A 0,147
  • fat man 0,0825 and 0,0885
  • Quinella 0.09. remains on
  • Quinigol 0.06 . built on
  • Lottery Thursday 0.18 . remains on
  • Saturday Lottery 0.36 . remains on
  • christmas lottery 0,80 and 0,90

These increases have been approved by ANAPAL and FENAMIX, the national board of directors of lotteries who have not liked their partners and started the movement’not in my name, “The ridiculous The increase, no doubt, responds to the need for SELAE and the government to impose restrictions on movement on the roads. We know that the approval process and signing has been expedited in response to the deactivation strategy of our actions,” Loteros’ statement in the conflict reveals.

According to the organization, with the increase they barely enter 40 euro gross per monthHowever with Christmas lottery sales this could mean an average of 300 EUR per month per store “with which we do not even cover self-employment fees.”

Government’s response

Lottery players, who performed at the headquarters on May 4 General Directorate of Heritage and Ministry of Finance In Madrid, they focus on the government “because in the end they are the largest shareholders of this company and, therefore, the people who must respond to this unpleasant situation.”

An in-depth analysis of Lottery Points of Sale status raises fears as rumors rise Change And the price goes up which no one can confirm. Since December they believe that the rise in prices bet And now they believe SELAE can draw for Ancient Bonoloto on Mondays and on Sundays to raise more.


This means that on Monday, the day they sell 50% of the total for the week, Primitiva will also be sold, which will cause problems with the influx of premises. 20% of Tuesday’s sales by Primitiva and EuroMillions will go to Monday. Smaller admins complain they can’t pay more rent staff For a day because for the rest of the week they will barely sell the remaining 30% and it doesn’t compensate them.

If the government, as it seems, plans to regulate online business, launch new games And to launch other projects, Spain has faced fierce opposition from the vast majority of lottery players, who will continue to protest for the next Christmas lottery draw in 2022.

New lottery commission facing government

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