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Natural remedies are enough to save the planet

Surely lately you’ve heard of friends or relatives who’ve gone through a “detox” or detoxification process, and it’s more and…

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Surely lately you’ve heard of friends or relatives who’ve gone through a “detox” or detoxification process, and it’s more and more often that we come on the 20th that we need to treat our bodies with processed foods. One should give rest from sugar, fat, alcohol. A range of drugs and substances that make our bodies seriously ill. Sometimes we need a strong dose of water and vegetables to cure it. Well, the same happens with the planet, it is so intoxicating that the only way to save our nature is with nature itself.

According to a recent study led by The Nature Conservancy along with 15 other organizations, maximizing nature’s ability to tackle climate change at a cost-effective price could have the same effect as completely stopping the world’s annual oil burning. has been

It is coming up on 19 May, the Spanish Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) will hold the 6th Conference on Nature Conservation 2030 Objectives: Nature Conservation in a Key Decade. Important international experts will meet there with the aim of exploring global strategies to prevent the loss of biodiversity, but through solutions based on nature.

Well, in order to drastically reduce our emissions globally, it is imperative to develop and implement more clean energy, improve energy efficiency, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. But no action against global warming will be as powerful and efficient as using nature.

Research shows that solutions based on nature and land area in general can reduce up to 30 percent of the climate mitigation required by 2050, which was agreed upon in the Paris Agreement.

To save nature it is necessary to protect, restore and sustainable management of ecosystems, a very important example of nature-based solutions is mangrove restoration.

The mangroves found along the coast act as natural barriers that protect against erosion and strong storms. They filter water, are a source of valuable timber and food resources for coastal communities, and also store vast amounts of carbon, factors that have quicker climate change effects.

Another great natural remedy against the accelerated climate change that humanity, fauna and flora are suffering is to build green cities.

Currently when it rains a lot in a cement-filled city like Monterrey, for example, rainwater is not absorbed and causes severe flooding.

That stagnant water flows through streams, rivers and lakes and contaminates drinking water. That is why it is so essential that cities have many green areas to reduce the risk of flooding and protect freshwater ecosystems. Today we can all verify this; Cement and pavement increase the heat and the green areas incredibly cool the temperature.

And well, another nature-based solution isn’t even the restoration of forests, it’s simply to stop deforestation and degradation, because these ecosystems are home to 80 percent of the planet’s terrestrial biodiversity, they provide clean air. and provide water; They prevent landslides and help control temperatures by removing a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

So it would be enough to invest in something that naturally grows and protect it to save us from climate change, but few people in the world are better off exploiting our ecosystems and saving the planet for everyone. Likes to concentrate millions of dollars to destroy.

Natural remedies are enough to save the planet

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