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Nadia Calvino is looking increasingly pale

Nadia Calvino premiered her economic vice president position with a commission in Congress in 2020, in which she was praised…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

Nadia Calvino premiered her economic vice president position with a commission in Congress in 2020, in which she was praised and welcomed by economic representatives from all parties. from fifth markthen to the front citizensA Ruben Mansoresponsible for the area Vocal, representatives of the various structures did not heed the congratulations and praises about Calvino’s reputation and made themselves available to keep a Spanish economy on track that had not yet been completely collapsed by the coronavirus. De Quinto cited his “respect, recognition and sympathy” for the minister both professionally and personally, and Manasso said that he wished him much success in such an important field for the Spanish, and if he He gets rid of it then he can rely on them. prejudice around their training. Watching that February 2020 video again on YouTube is not a bad exercise.

Two years after that, there is hope that Calvino will fix the battered Spanish economy. Spain has become the second largest country under his leadership. loss and fourth major Loan of the European Union. your forecast Economic Development For this year it has slashed much more than he expected (he hasn’t lowered his estimate of 7% GDP growth until all vital organisms have lowered it to about 4% is). a sense of failure around the distribution of european fund is increasing. The cost of small and medium-sized companies rises due to reasons such as sluggishness in managing electricity shortages, a 4% drop in sales at retail outlets in March according to Eurostat, while in the EU they do only 0.4% …

No one says panoramas are easy. Precisely because it is not, Spain needs the best at the top of its economy. Although in Congress he thought Calvino might be, it gives the impression that he is not up to the task.

Those who worked or worked with the minister say he is a tireless worker. Maybe that’s why the report came on Thursday AIREFThose who strongly criticize his economic policy. The organization’s president, Cristina Herrero, explained that she had discovered “serious shortcomings” in the sustainability program that the government sent to Brussels: there were no measures to stop our huge debt, nor was our recovery plan detailed. She was dismayed by the ambiguity of a outlook that places us at great vulnerability in the face of a possible rapid increase in interest rates in July. European Central Bank, A real embarrassment that adds to the shock that Nadia Calvino has suffered in recent months, and to which it is not surprising that she looks fair and blonde.

Nadia Calvino is looking increasingly pale

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