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MX. Enrique Metinides created the code used by the Red Cross in

CDMX. – This Tuesday, May 10, the photojournalist died at the age of 88 Jarlombos Enrique Matinides Tsironides “The Child”,…

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CDMX. – This Tuesday, May 10, the photojournalist died at the age of 88 Jarlombos Enrique Matinides Tsironides “The Child”, Acquaintance publicly his art, his journalistic work and to create code currently used on the red cross,

The latter was confirmed on January 18, 2020 by the aforementioned Institute of Health on its verified Twitter account “@CruzRoja_MX”, where it was detailed that the man known only as Enrique Metinides had the idea To improve communication between paramedics And identify emergencies in less time.

The Greek-born photographer not only made the keys to the said health institution, but he also left his mark Established Red Cross Press Department in Mexico City (CDMX), the capital of the country.

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The feat of creating a code system that helps reduce reaction times between the parties involved occurred while “El Nio” Metinides was working for the Humanitarian Agency, where he arrived looking to take photographs of the injured, who had just arrived from accidents. To Millennium,

Codes, crashes and more

Key “R” is the name of the system created by the photojournalist, It is composed of 65 combinations of letters and numbers, each with a meaning that simplifies and reduces communication time when a tragedy occurs that requires the presence of the Red Cross.

in an interview with newsweek, Enrique Metinides reported that he survived 19 accidents that were close to taking his life; Two of them died, while on another occasion he got trapped under the rubble of a burning building while doing his professional work.

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On the other hand, in an interview for author JM Cervin, he admitted that in his career he held a job he described as “a studio photographer inside the huge morgue of Juárez Hospital”, where he captured images of corpses. Did. The first was arranged by editor and photographer Adrian Dever.

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