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MX. Another failure of ‘La Pandilla’ in

Not even with Viktor Manuel Vucetich, whom he calls “King Midas”, Rayados del Monterey could have avoided another spectacular game…

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Not even with Viktor Manuel Vucetich, whom he calls “King Midas”, Rayados del Monterey could have avoided another spectacular game failure after the revived Atlético de San Luis team finished in the playoffs of the First Division MX tournament.

Vous came to the team instead of Javier Aguirre, according to people’s hopes that he could be crowned in the league, following his terrible performance at the last Club World Championship held in Qatar. ,

But it turns out that not even in the current season of the Mexican tournament and despite a major upset, they were able to qualify in the first four places and this forced them to enter the playoffs and San Luis, who were on a roll. They are sent to rest very soon.

Of course, there is responsibility on the part of Vucetich, as he is the coach of the team, but more blame is placed on players who, even with the support of their fans, can attest to the quality that they possess, San Luis. Allows to tie 2-2 and end them on penalties, a series the Raydos were notorious for. After such a painful setback, we imagine Monterrey’s directors will have to soberly analyze the situation and take steps that can help Aztec become a hero in the tournament once again. And our recognition for San Luis, since a hesitation began, they closed the season very well and without much noise they have already been placed in the quarterfinal stage.

In the second match held on the same Saturday, Cruz Azul overtook Necaxa to take a step forward, although his hopes of becoming champion are not very clear, due to the irregularities he has shown throughout the season.

At the end. Atlético Morelia became a finalist in the Expansion League for the second time, and in a commendable way, as with less than a man in the 30th minute they defeated Atalanta, the current monarchs, by at least one by-zero. One entry registered Morelos Stadium for this definitive game, in which the Canaries showed great dedication to beat the two-championship-seeking Iron Falls. The Morelianos will face each other in the final series, either Celaya or the Cimarrons who faced off yesterday in the evening.

good description. This is exactly what the Eldorado team had in the Ultra Plus category, before starting their duel against UAS-Talares Monte from last Saturday afternoon, they presented awards to two of its members, Juan Manuel Altamirano and Mauro Valenzuela lvarez.
The plaque of Konzo Altamirano, now deceased, was obtained by his relatives and the reason for his distinction was that he was named in Saturday’s session. While Mauro Valenzuela, brother of prominent football players Gilberto and Saul, was awarded. For his playing career and has been a part of the Eldorado team.

reflection: In life you learn from everything, and that’s when you make more mistakes.