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murder of a journalist

Luis Enrique Ramírez was a journalist for the EL debate in Sinaloa and various cultural events in the country. His…

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Luis Enrique Ramírez was a journalist for the EL debate in Sinaloa and various cultural events in the country. His time in Mazatlan is remembered in the cultural sphere. In addition, he was a political columnist who was widely read by Sinaloa’s interest groups and political representatives. His connection to EL DEBATE was a reference both in the cultural and political spheres. He was assassinated last Thursday, May 5. It is a crime against a journalist that has shocked many social, economic and political circles in Sinaloa and the country.

We allow ourselves in this place to say to his family that they always miss him, so that he will always be with him. All of us who share The Debate and many journalists in Sinaloa and Mexico have left to remember and re-read it. That’s what will make you here with us.

The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa is conducting investigative investigations and making progress public. This display of transparency will be something that will give the certainty of the pursuit of justice for Luis Enrique’s family and Sinaloa society. The murder of a journalist is a threat against the freedoms enshrined in the Mexican Constitution. The efforts of the FGS to find those responsible for this murder and apply the full weight of the law should not stop.

of care, attention and care

Fear does not exist, it is repeated little by little, there is caution, attention and care. In a social action where 9 journalists have been murdered in the first months of the year, it is a political and social reality for all of us that is published in media outlets that must be approached with caution, attention and care. The exercise of freedom of expression is the best tribute to the memory of Luis Enrique Ramirez. Governor Rubén Rocha Moya recalled in his message that he was their communications coordinator in his 1998 campaign. Luis Enrique’s practice of freedom of expression is that, beyond his friendship with him, he was always criticized and admired for political actors.

Many political actors in Sinaloa can remember the times when they acted in favor of their action and the times they did it against. This made it so read and followed. In addition, his prose was accessible and was written in impeccable Spanish. That lesson remains with all of us who have the opportunity to publish in media outlets. It is written in Spanish, period. The publication of these lines in memory of Luis Enrique Ramirez is the best tribute. waiting for him

The states, in their various manifestations in Mexico and Sinaloa, do justice to the murder of Luis Enrique and find those responsible and take the full load of the law against them.

Paragraph: Party of oligarchy and democracy

The transition and building of democracy has been the work of hundreds of thousands of Mexican men and women for decades. The strength of the country’s democratic system should not lag behind. Political actors will always try to build their partisan oligarchy. This is not a new thing. It is a sociological law, discovered by Robert Michels in the early 20th century. It should come as no surprise that an extremist of left-wing political parties proposes a reform that favors him, as in the case of Pablo Gómez, that is pure electoral political analysis and knowledge of his own electoral structure. It is a quest to reproduce the oligarchy of its political party. This is something important for political and partisan action. There is only one limitation, as Michel himself establishes: the possibility of repatriation and democratic elections. As long as democratic rule continues in Mexico, other parties will be able to vote in favor or against the legal or constitutional reform projects. And the vote of a majority of citizens will, in the next elections, be able to exercise an exercise of accountability and decide whether there is a choice between the federal executive and political representatives of local and federal legislation. So simple and transparent is democracy and the two brakes that Robert Mitchell imposed on the oligarchy of political parties. In freedom, observance of human rights and democratic rule, a free Mexico will survive. On the contrary there is something else. And many Mexicans already know about authoritarianism. For those who don’t, reviewing Cuba is enough to know an authoritarian regime. Far away, fortunately, is Mexico. Also, no one can forget: We are part of free trade agreements with the United States and Canada. It has an economic meaning, but also a political one. To continue the analysis.