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Mother is the most beautiful thing in the world, take advantage of her: Guamuchilens

Guamchil, Sinaloa. – Alvaradance demonstrates that death is not a hindrance Honor mothers on this special dayIn which to honor…

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Guamchil, Sinaloa. – Alvaradance demonstrates that death is not a hindrance Honor mothers on this special dayIn which to honor the memory of their beloved mothers they go from the opening hour to the Pantheon of the municipality of Guamchil, laden with flowers and cleaning supplies, but above all filled with love, longing and mixed feelings.

It was a warm morning this Tuesday at the municipal pantheon, where the little wind blew through the dusty tombs, helping to dust off not only the white granite mausoleum, but also the precious memories of yesterday.

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In bouquets of roses, gladiola, carnations, gardenias, lilies and other flower varieties, hundreds of women who rest afterward, revered by their relatives who came to visit them at the cemetery and relive pleasant memories, a Tradition that still exists in the area. Every 10 May.

“This day is very controversial, because there is happiness and sadness at the same time, it is when the most beautiful memories come,” he said. Arturo Nunez ExecutionerWho has been waking up every 10th May at 5:30 in the morning to go to the grave of his beloved mother for many years.

With tears in his eyes, he read Amado Nervo’s poem “In Peace”, written in the grave of the giver of his life, which was a very important composition for him and his family, as it reminds them of How his mother had faced death. most beautiful.

“Mothers are the best, they are the most beautiful things that can be,” he expressed with emotion on the surface while embracing his wife.

Some also honor the memory of their spouses’ mothers, such as Alvia Flores, who lovingly accompanies her husband every Mother’s Day to visit the tomb where the memory of her mother-in-law lies.

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“I loved her so much, and she loved me too, so I’m able to come here and bring her a bouquet of flowers,” she said on the verge of tears.

Holding a bunch of roses for her mother-in-law, Elvia affirms that it is a way to honor and celebrate this day that recognizes each mother’s great work and her role within the family.