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Mother and football player, an example of life

Mexico. – The best soccer players play in the Liga MX Femenil and many of them become an inspiration to…

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Mexico. – The best soccer players play in the Liga MX Femenil and many of them become an inspiration to a new generation. Many women, apart from being professional players, are also mothers, a subject that fills them with great pride despite the various hardships they face in women’s tournaments.

In the first division of the championship, Damaris Godínez (Chivas), Mónica Ocampo (Pachuca), Sumico Gutierrez (Pachuca), Mirale Arquiniega (Puebla), Andrea Ortea (Puebla), Dayana Navarrete (Juárez), Esmeralda Verdugo (Tijuana) and René Cuellar ( Tijuana) practice motherhood and the final three explained to Liga MX Femenil what it means to be a mother and a soccer player, as well as the support she gets from her board.

“It represents many things, being strong, being strong for your daughter, being a football mom, as well as a professional, you being a mom after training, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had, I thank God intelligent and beautiful daughter, she gave me a lot of strength to move forward.”

The Bravas midfielder shared in a chat with her, “The biggest challenge is to leave my daughter at home and go out to train every day, play every fortnight and see if she might be sad or cry, it’s too complicated is.” The pink circuit in celebration of Mother’s Day”.

“It’s always been tough because of the travel issue from the beginning, one session can absorb us all day, it’s always complicated but it has to be worth that sacrifice, it’s responsible in both my work and my daughter,” he said. Tried to mingle here, while travelling is still difficult, from the effort of both, we are learning a lot”. said.

“My daughter is not very demanding, although this girl understands my work a lot, she knows it’s not because I want to leave and I don’t want to see her, I’m going to do my job and come back, obviously hai we’re going to miss each other, it’s a huge challenge but it’s beautiful, you become more disciplined, that inspires me, you shouldn’t leave your dreams aside, as a woman You can do both things,” said the Tijuana Femanil player.

“I love being a mom and a footballer, that changed me as a player and a person, I have to demand myself every day, I know my son looks up to me every day, I’m a part of my team.” Very happy with, I have always wanted to be a mother and a footballer, makes me proud and happy”, declared the striker

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thank god i have to be a mom i do what i do every day i am going to play with passion for him so he can see that example and become a footballer one day he knows that When you are going to do something you have to do it 24/7. “Thanks to my mom, this couldn’t have been possible, she’s been my example since I was a kid and she’s supported me to continue playing with my son, forever grateful to my mom-“, of Jolas Famil Finished ahead.