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Morena sees opposition “montage” in third DNV report

Whereas in the morning the government of Mexico City . presented the “inconsistencies and contradictions” of the third report of…

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Whereas in the morning the government of Mexico City . presented the “inconsistencies and contradictions” of the third report of DNV due to the fall of row 12 cdmx metro key, morena He accused the opposition of having “assembled orchestrated” to take advantage of the election. Meanwhile, STC employees claim arrears in fortnightly payment.

after the head of government Claudia SheinbaumThe Norwegian company, who was not at the conference on the document, said on 4 May that there was a conflict of interest in the risk classification and management company, said Murray’s director of capital, Thomas Pligosaid today root cause report It was a set-up by the opposition inserted in the DNV, which turned the document into a political beating tool, as they said, the leaks of the report show.

“Morena in Mexico City is aware that there is an opposition setup to take advantage of the tragedy, with the comments of the submission and rejection of this report, demonstrating that there is nothing to hide and This process follows legal reasons and in a manner indicating responsibilities,” Pligo said.

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Similarly, Shyamala conceded that this new wave of attacks by the opposition on the investigation and judicial process, which has not yet reached its charges, is part of a strategy to defame Sheinbaum, as she assured that, although the attacks continued, Since the beginning of his administration, elections presented him as his party’s candidate. 2024 elections,

“The opposition, in view of the lack of a political programme, is desperate for the position declared by these surveys, which we refer to and that is why they are on the hunt to distort and distort any political event and the public interest.” want to manipulate opinion”, he claimed.

Given this, and the alleged intentions of the opposition to politicize the collapse of an elevated section of the L12, which killed 26 and injured more than 100, Pligo announced that on 3 May “the truth was reported door-to-door”. will go” golden line of CDMX Metro, due to alleged “media manipulation”.

all is not well in the metro

On the other hand, on this Wednesday, the sanitation workers of Metro Collective Transportation System (stc) due to delay in payment of wages, lack of supplies to carry out their activities and unjustified dismissal.

In front of the STC’s central offices on Delicias Street, Colonia Centro, Cuoutémoc City Hall, workers demanded fortnightly immediate payment, which is already a week late, as well as improved working conditions inside the CDMX Metro has demanded.

And that according to the protesters, the company Technology in Metropolitan Cleaning Systems They should have deposited them on May 5, but they still haven’t received their salary.

“Metro collects our salary to them on time, our payment is fortnightly, but the company always delays our payment. Last fortnight it took us 10 days to get our payment; That’s why we are here today,” he said.

Similarly, another sweeper, Leonor Santillan, assured that since last Thursday he was barred from working without explanation in the company, which started operations with STC on January 2, adding that the same was true for all stations. Happened in. line BLeaving only one employee per station, which translates into more workload.

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After the mobilization, a representative of the Government Secretariat, who identified himself as Jacobo Chávez Mendoza, promised that a meeting would be held today among those affected. Controller General’s Secretariat And this government of mexico city, However the payment is yet to be made.

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Morena sees opposition “montage” in third DNV report

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