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Morena Quintero, a mother who raised her 7 children in Salvador Alvarado

Sinaloa.- Despite how complicated it can be, the love for your children and the need to give them a good…

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Sinaloa.- Despite how complicated it can be, the love for your children and the need to give them a good life, inspired brunette quinto higuera To work early in the day, forcing her to leave the house when the sun was just starting to rise.

With a broken heart, he left his seven little ones to his beloved mother, while she went out in search of sustenanceWhich began when he was about 24 years old, and despite his young age, he always persevered and moved forward with the sole purpose of giving his all to his children.

brunette quintero originally from virginA farm belonging to the Sierra de Mocorito, however, Most of his life was spent in Salvador Alvarado.municipality where he formed his beautiful family, which . is made of seven sonsWhich she assures is her greatest treasure and who has inspired her to move on.

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At the age of 73, she recalls that her stage as a mother was beginning to become very complicated, as her first child lost her life before birth, and suffered a miscarriage in her second pregnancy. was, such events marked her, however, God rewarded her third pregnancy, and it was then that her first child came into her life, which she thanked for her effort and the support of her parents, because of the misfortune Her husband lost his life. And he spent most of his day at work looking to bring his family forward, which intensified with his seven children.

With tenderness and great pride, she recalls when she started working as a kitchen assistant, when her knowledge on the subject was almost nil, something that was no hindrance to her as bringing sustenance to her home. His desire to learn led him to learn and work where necessary.

His will power was so great that he never let go of the fatigue and She always acted inspired by the great love she felt for her children. And despite the complexity of her story, she remarks strongly how her mother helped her take care of her children while working, and she was a very important pillar in her life, always supporting and supporting her. She was ready to take care of her little ones. ,

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Mrs. Morena Quintero said that Losing his mother was one of the hardest blows he receivedAnd that’s when she thought about what she could do to help her children, because she would no longer have the most important person who looked after her children, and in the midst of the storm she had the opportunity to do so. keep your grocery store, And it is from this business that he continued to work and from which even today he gets the necessary resources to grow his home.

However, he explains that fortunately his children are now adults and they are his financial support, so his plan for the foreseeable future is to stop working to enjoy his family, something he did not allow himself. , because he has devoted a large part of his days working from dawn to dusk.

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