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More than 100 prisoners escaped after a riot in an Ecuadorian prison

least 100 prisoners escape after prison riots in EcuadorA riot that’s left so far 43 Balance Of The Dead, According…

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least 100 prisoners escape after prison riots in EcuadorA riot that’s left so far 43 Balance Of The Dead,

According to the commander of the Ecuadorian national police, Fausto Salinas, he said that at least 108 people lodged in the prison in the city of Santo Domingo, located in central Ecuador, have yet to be traced.

This information was disclosed by the commander in a press conference, in which Bellavista’s Penitentiary Prison Massacre,

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So far, 112 prisoners have been taken back, Interior Minister Patricio Castillo said at the same press conference.

New prison massacre in Ecuador

The bodies found dead in prison were deprived of life with knives because there are no signs of the use of firearms, as in the previous ones. Officials said the prisoners were exposed and attacked in cells and pavilions.

Of the 112 prisoners who were recaptured, some were outside the prison limits with the intention of saving their lives and others with an intention to escape, officials said.

Ecuadorian Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo said 13 people were also injured inside the prison and described what happened inside the prison as “brutality”.

At least 400 prisoners have been killed in prison riots in the past two years. Officials say that in Ecuador, these conflicts are between members of rival drug gangs vying for control of the prison.

There were more than 36,000 prisoners in 36 centers, including prisons and social rehabilitation centers, by the end of 2021, which have a capacity of 30,000, although overcrowding reached 62% in prisons such as Guayaquil, which is the most populous in the country with 7,231 prisoners and scene . The bloodiest episodes I’ve experienced in the last year.

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To solve the prison crisis, President Guillermo Lasso’s government is in the process of hiring 1,400 new prison officers, providing nearly 5,000 pardons to prisoners convicted of petty crimes, and developing the country’s first human rights policy towards the prison population. is in process.

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