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Mirtha Legrand’s emotional speech that got a standing ovation in the room – People Online

one of the most anticipated moments of Martin Fierro Awards 2022 had to see mirtha legrand On stage Luis Ventura…

By admin , in news , at May 16, 2022

one of the most anticipated moments of Martin Fierro Awards 2022 had to see mirtha legrand On stage Luis Ventura receiving a gift from the jewelry store sponsoring her historic event, which was given to the diva of the luncheon. That’s it, ‘chikki’ He was away from television for almost two years and count because of the pandemic coronavirus,

Under that framework, Mirtha starts seeking more accolades for her “Welcome a little cold, a little more heat”-, then shared his joy and feelings for Juana’s prize, And later ordered the room. “Silence Please Back There”, He asked the guests how their time away from television was before explaining it.

,I was locked in my house for 300 days without going to the balconyThis impressed me greatly, until one day I called Faisundo Mane and told him that I already wanted to be. And he said to me, ‘Kama, Mirtha'”counted.

In that sense, as if it were a call to the officers of El Tres—who were present in the room—he explained: “therefore If God Wills and Channel Thirteen Wills… there you have it nacho voile to ask if I’m coming back. “Do you want me to come back?”He asked his colleagues, getting a resounding yes in response.

And he confessed: “tomorrow night I couldn’t sleep, didn’t know what I was going to say, I haven’t been on television for two years and it has made me very happy to be among my peers.”,

Similarly, he thanked and revealed that he felt “very happy” In the 50th edition of the awards Martin Fierro, “I feel surrounded by love and affection. They come to greet me, they say nice things to me and I love it”,

“I have lived a wonderful life. I have always worked non-stop, I have never given up till today. I am 95 and you have to be here at 95. And I promise you, I swear I’ll keep working, I won’t give up,closed his speech ‘Chichita’ full of reflection, emotion and gratitude, in front of a standing audience, who bid him farewell with loud applause. . more information on



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