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MiMovistar and Movistar Fusión . difference in rates

With the arrival of MiMovistar, the possibility of staying with the customers in their hands will remain Movistar Fusion Or…

By admin , in news , at May 9, 2022

With the arrival of MiMovistar, the possibility of staying with the customers in their hands will remain Movistar Fusion Or step up to the new prices and adapt your fee to the content you actually consume.

rates modular miMovistar is divided into four parts: Connectivity, Movistar Plus+, Devices and Services.


  • max+: a mobile line with fiber 300 MB and 30 GB for 54.90 euros per month.
  • Unlimited: Fiber 1 GB and an additional mobile line for 69.90 euros per month.
  • illimitado x2: Fiber 1GB and two additional mobile lines for 84.90 euros per month.
  • L line: 8 GB for 7.90 Euro per month.
  • XL Line: 30 GB per month and unlimited SMS 69.90 Euro per month.
  • infinity line: Unlimited data and SMS 84.90 Euro per month.

Movistar+ Plus

  • Movistar+ Essentials: movies, series, 80 thematic channels for 10 euros per month.
  • all football: European Football, Champions League and LaLiga for 43 euros per month.
  • Champions League: 20 Euro per month.
  • LaLiga: 30 Euro per month.
  • novel: Movies, Series and Disney.
  • Fiction + Disney: Movies, Series, Disney and Netflix x2 for 25 euros per month.
  • exile: Sports, Dazn and Golf for 18 euros per month.
  • on-demand channel: playboy, hunting and fishing, bullfighting, mezzo…


Smartphones, tablets, consoles, televisions and smartwatches: from 0 euros.


  • Movistar Prosegur Alarm: between 39.90 and 62 euros per month.
  • Movistar Health: 6.50 euros for the individual plan and 10.95 euros per month for the family plan.
  • second home internet: 21.99 euros for max and 15 euros for unlimited.
  • second home internet plus: 36.99 euros for max and 30 euros for unlimited.
  • xbox game pass ultimate: 12.99 Euro per month.

The conclusion of these new rates is that the user can save money If you are willing to lose the channel, but if you want to continue watching the same content you will hardly reduce the quota, it could mean even two or three euros more per month.

can’t make one exact comparison Because miMovistar now includes data limit options. in the matter of FootballYou can watch the Champions League and Europa League with a savings of 10 EUR instead of having unlimited data or 5 EUR if you keep it.

Massmovil and Orange

in Chain And movies you can save 25 euros per month without unlimited data. You can buy a pack of two lines with unlimited data for as little as 150 euros to 90, but reduced content.

What is Movistar preparing for merger landing? moremobile Thief Orange Trying to lose as few customers as possible. Once again, devices with zero euro or very low fees come into play to retain the customer after a new company comes in.