Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Millionaires are coming for Ahom investment

Municipal officials and business leaders are waiting for a date to be set for consultations among the indigenous population to…

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Municipal officials and business leaders are waiting for a date to be set for consultations among the indigenous population to give the green light for the construction of a fertilizer plant in Topolobampo, which will immediately start investing 5 thousand 400 million . To explode the economy of the peso area.

And with that, comes Mexinol, a GPO-linked ethylene plant that is also planned to be built in the port and already has all the environmental impact studies, in addition to being non-polluting, with more millionaires coming in for investment. According to the secretary of economy, Bernardo Cárdenas, the municipality.

The official recently attended an economic forum chaired by Governor Rubén Rocha in Mazatlán with Mayor Gerardo Vargas and is optimistic, as municipalities and states are also spilling 36 million pesos of credit between 300,000 and 1,500,000 in loans. Huh. Pay to entrepreneurs.

In the next few days, a new hospital with two buildings of levels 4 and 10 will be inaugurated on the land of Benito Juárez Ejido and it is possible that the hospital of Durango University will resume work.

Most importantly, over the next few days the governor of Chihuahua, Maru Campos, would come to Sinaloa to meet with Rocha, to agree on a strategy for building a bridge over the Huites Dam, connecting the highway to Los. Mochis to Texas, connecting the Pacific Rim to the southeastern United States.

He hopes that inflation and high prices affecting the Ahomians will be controlled, and especially the high cost of gasoline, as there is no explanation as to why the fuel is more expensive in Los Mochis than in the rest of the state. Is. Although we have a receiving and storage port in Topo. The wars in Russia and Ukraine also affect us, but opportunities also arise.

Potpourri. While other parties rest on their laurels, the so-called dynamic duo of Antonio Corrales Bargueno and ngelica Diaz de Cuen runs like a top through all of the state’s municipalities, opposing the directives of renewed municipal committees and electoral Oils the political system. What comes before the 2024 election?

Dry. Ghosts of frequent droughts in mountainous municipalities that maintain dams with very little water, and shortages and shortages of fertilizers, Sinaloa’s producers face not only farmers, but farms and ranches. From now on it seems that they may derail national programs to increase food production and seek food self-sufficiency.

Feria. Mayor Gerardo Vargas resumed his welfare fair program on Saturday: with officials from municipal agencies, he visited Infonavite Mochicahui, along with medical consultations and services.