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Michoacan governor to visit Aguilla for the first time

Morelia, Michoacan.- governor of michoacan Will visit Aguilla for the first timeMayor María de Jess will go as far as…

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Morelia, Michoacan.- governor of michoacan Will visit Aguilla for the first timeMayor María de Jess will go as far as supporting and supporting Montes Mendoza, who a month earlier was appointed interim municipal president of Aguilla, but who She never stayed in the municipality because she was invested with the position.

Alfredo Ramírez Bedola announced at this morning’s conference that Soon they will go to the municipality with folded hands with the mayor Of the Green Ecologist Party of Michoacán (PV), which continues to send from the city of Morelia to this day.

,Soon we are going to go to Aguilla, we are going with the municipal president, we are going to give him full support so that he can fulfill his duties as municipal president.”, announced the Governor.

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He recalled that the state leaders of PV have already made statements about why the mayor is working from Morelia and that it has nothing to do with security issues, given that the capital is looking for financial resources to live on. Aguilla. works in,

,The leader of the PV informs us that he has no threat against him, but he is sending from Morelia and the work has to do with the management, the steps he is taking, we will go to Aguilla soon in the next few days.”, highlighted the President.

He also told that he has no information that no other municipal president is sending from his municipality, but he did not deny the fact, he only emphasized that he had data in this regard. Not there.

Since the beginning of the year, Ramírez Bedola announced the program «Comprehensive welfare plan for Aguilla», consisting of 16 federal agencies and 7 state agencies, aimed at achieving peace in the municipality and restructuring the social fabric. But since the announcement of this program, the head of the executive power of the state has not appeared in the municipality to announce it.

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In an interview given to us by Father Gilberto Vergara, he described the famous scheme for the benefit of Aguilla «Not seen», and that both the state and federal governments have not followed the commitments made with the people of the municipality, that the security and peace committees are suspended, and that Since the assassination of Mayor Cesar Arturo Valencia Caballero, no rights exist in countries that have plagued drug trafficking for decades.

They demand the discovery of Martha Alejandra, who disappeared 10 days earlier in Urupan, Michoacani.