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Michoacan government-appointed nurses demand pay hike

Morelia, Michoacan.- las nurse in michoacan They have been fighting for decades to be recognized for their profession and to…

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Morelia, Michoacan.- las nurse in michoacan They have been fighting for decades to be recognized for their profession and to dispel the idea that they are “health technicians”, today they held a march in which they said they were looking for Salary increment as per academic profile and contract as “graduate nurses” because many have contracts as field supervisors.

“There are about 40 in particular in the women’s hospital who are licensed and not hired as nurses, not even as general or assistant nurses in a branch, they have been hired as field supervisors. Hired in, that the supervisor can’t reach the code ladder“Nurse Melina pointed.

This position is 20 years old, this is how they were hired when the hospital came into operation, in the year 200, and they have been seeking to be recognized as nursing professionals, without being able to do so ever since.

Nurse seeking labor identification in Michoacan / Photo: Eliza Flores – Debate

The march they took today from Plaza Morelos to the Government Palace, demanding that Michoacán governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolá, turn to addressing the problem, as it leaves nurses who already have 20 for the state. years of service, and 15 years away from retirement They fear they will never be recognized for the years they have already worked,

In 2006, nursing personnel were recognized as professionals, which enabled nursing to enter new contracting codes into health institutions in order to access better pay.

Nurses told today that there are many of them who have completed specialization, master’s degree and master’s degree, but There are no educational level codes in MichoacanSo it doesn’t matter if they have a Ph.D. in Nursing.

In view of this, they ask that the official Mexican standard be recognized Nom-019-SSA3-2013which captures the labor re-codification of nursing staff, and indicates that the intervention of union groups operating in Michoacan should be abandoned.

Michoacán nurses request application for NOM-019-SSA3-2019 / Photo: Eliza Flores – Debate

In their petition document that they made public this afternoon, they call for academic degree-wise pay increases and an increase in nursing intern scholarships.

Financial assistance received by a nursing intern to provide service in a hospital or clinic in Mexico consists of 300 to 800 pesosmoney they assure nor not enough for fortnightly transportation, or for basic food,

,they give us 300 pesos“One of the protesters said, the other said”There are scholarships of up to 800 pesos, but they are the same as what you would find in distant cities, such as in Huacana,

Nursing interns request an increase in the amount of their scholarship / Photos: Eliza Flores – Debate

They want to be able to access scholarships for education students called «Youth Writing The Future Scholarship» Including an aid that provides economic benefits to all higher education students in the Mexican Republic so that they can continue their studies and complete them successfully, but unfortunately their careers are not in priority schools.

It is discriminatory for them, they point out that they do not understand why their profession is not considered important as an engineer, an architect or a teacher.

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Michoacan government-appointed nurses demand pay hike

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