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Michell Montero leaves Cruz Azul for insult

Mexico.- The season for Blue Cross In League 1010 Femenil ended abruptly, because he had retired from Liguilla in the…

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Mexico.- The season for Blue Cross In League 1010 Femenil ended abruptly, because he had retired from Liguilla in the final minute after the victory over Tijuana. Problems with him came up and the first departure was unexpected Michael Montero who determined to terminate his contract promptly, contending that he suffered a shipwreck in Cruz Azul throughout the course of the board.

The player in an interview for ESPN explained that he’s beginning to feel something about them carriage rejection and the other teams of women’s officers, but everything was being made after the call to their homeland, when he was accused by other players of the requested length of the day, even after he spoke with human resources about the way he was treated, and referred the body to a technician. against her.

“I started to have problems, because the education staff of Cruz Azul came up to me and said, “Mich, if it were us, he wouldn’t be here,” said the player. “I went to human resources and I told them I don’t like how they’re doing, I’m really tired. I don’t know whether it is because I am a stranger, if you are very national, but I’m very tired of this,” he added.

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then the same Michael Montero She accused the human resources player of telling them that she had suffered sexual harassment from her coach, which she denied due to the fact that the player had only spoken of the rude treatment she received from men: “That is a serious case, because I never accused him of sexual harassment.

Despite all the abuses faced by the player, Michelle Montero has decided that she will no longer move on with Cruz Azul. Now free is free in Women’s MX League where he could find new Apertura 2022 or may he have the courage to leave Mexico and look elsewhere for a new opportunity to continue playing football.

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The club’s Games Instruments team officials said they spoke with the board and denied any kind of accusation from the players and denied that they only asked for it so that all of her teammates would be better off. Now League MX has not given Femenil a place in the event.