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Miami and Formula 1, a turnover of $1,400 million

In scalping over $25,000 for a single ticket, hotel Three-star for up to $500 and suites for 30,000. About 250,000…

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In scalping over $25,000 for a single ticket, hotel Three-star for up to $500 and suites for 30,000. About 250,000 people will travel miami To experience Formula 1 GP up close this weekend, with City’s anticipated mileage $400 million, These are the number of most anticipated GPs in the United States.

Indianapolis to Monte Carlos

After years of conversation, Miami Gardens It became the eleventh venue for a Formula 1 GP in the United States. from the tradition of Indianapolis At the pace of the Texas circuit, F1 arrives in Florida for an event that seeks to preserve the “glamour” of monte carlo And that would take record amounts of money.

Made around 57 laps of the 5,412-meter circuit Hard Rock Stadium They are the epicenter of a world event. Crypto company “Crypto.com” became the title sponsor of the GP for the next nine seasons, as well as recently signed a $100 million deal with F1 to promote the format of the race. sprint test,

starred restaurant Michelin And a ‘DJ’ like Tiesto’s automobile will be in charge of animating the weekend party Florida,

$25,000 tickets

las appetizer The Miami GP has already been sold out for weeks and ranges from $500 to over $1000. A long wait in the virtual queue of the ticket sales platform offered by Formula 1 was necessary to try to get hold of some tickets.

However, on ticketing platforms such as “Vivid Seats”, an application available in the United States, tickets are sold for much more. $25,000,

Spanish driver Carlos Sainz at the Miami F1 circuitferrari

is it worth the pass particular In the departure and arrival area of ​​the “Paddock Club” area, sitting in “Grandstand A11” single seatsIt costs more than $18,000.

in resellTickets cost an average of over $2,000.

$30,000. suit for

symbol of opulence in an event and luxuryMiami will bring together the most important PersonaBusinessman, actor and sports star.

hotel, disco And the clubs, apart from the race, did not miss the opportunity to make the most of the weekend, which is expected to be historic due to the movement of money.

luxury hotel chain four seasons He sells his suites for $30,000 a night. Their best rooms, at other times of the year, are usually around $20,000 a night. Another luxury chain, ‘St. Regis’, part of the portfolio of MarriottSells them for $8,000 per night.

300 Restaurants

The Miami GP goes beyond sports racing and will benefit Miami with a series of parallel activities, such as nighttime events. disco«Tiesto», and . with famous djs like Restaurant High culinary standards who will sell their food in the surroundings of the circuit.

Aerial view of Miami F1 circuitF1

Award Winning Restaurant Michelin StarsLike South Korean Cote, and Hispanic-American chef, Michelle Bernstein, will delight their customers with their elaborate gastronomic stakes.

There will be around 300 areas dedicated to restaurants and bare At GP, with international cuisine that includes Spanish, Mexican, South American and Asian cuisines.

Las Vegas

The passion for Formula 1 has never been more evident in the United States. This weekend’s GP’s data is a new demonstration of too much interest In this sport, which has gradually come to the attention of the nation focused on NASCAR.

Has fans of about 40 million Americans formula 1on the assumption i homesF1’s director of television rights and last February’s Saudi Arabia GP was voted the most-watched ever on US national television.

The series on the audio-visual platform played an important role in the development of this obsession. Netflix drive to survive (Drive to Survive), which chronicles the most interesting and intense moments of each Formula 1 season from the inside.

It should come as no surprise that next year the United States will have three Formula 1 races, since those Austin and of miami will add the expected GP of Las VegasIn its heyday as the sports capital of the country.