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Mexico will vaccinate children against Kovid-19 with Abdala: AMLO

Mexico City. – President Amlo announced that the government of Mexico would acquire Abdullah Vaccine, which was made in Cuba,…

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Mexico City. – President Amlo announced that the government of Mexico would acquire Abdullah Vaccine, which was made in Cuba, to be Applicable in boys and girls To continue moving forward with the National COVID-19 Immunization Plan across the country.

Upon his return from Cuba, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador reported that, as part of the health agreements between the two countries, Abdullah’s Supplements For application in the country.

“We’re going to get a vaccine that they’re producing for very young children, which has given them very good results,” the chief executive said on May 9 during La Maneira.

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Amlo He elaborated that the Cuban Abdala vaccine would be implemented against Kovid-19. less than two years of age and above,

“Tomorrow, when we have a health report, more detailed information will be given. If need be, it will be done with other vaccines like Pfizer, we are working on that, but children will be vaccinated, young children.

It will be the Health Ministry officials who will give more details about vaccinations to be done in minors with this vaccine, Andres Manuel admitted.

health agreement

Abdala’s vaccines are part of a recent agreement that health officials signed with the Cuban government during his visit, strengthening ties between the two countries.

The agreement in the field of health expresses the desire of the two governments to strengthen historical ties, as well as to promote the training of human resources, research and medical assistance in various fields, and to establish a legal framework to develop technical, scientific and Is. academic.

Diaz-Canel and López Obrador They signed a declaration expressing their desire to continue to strengthen the historical ties of brotherhood and solidarity, to cement a new stage in bilateral relations, and to promote the development of social, economic and cultural, educational and commercial ties.

Similarly, the bilateral declaration expresses a shared interest in strengthening cooperation to meet the major challenges posed by them. effects of covid-19 and cooperate with the care of health emergencies and epidemics.

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Mexico authorized the emergency use of the Cuban Abdala vaccine against COVID-19. It is one of three formulas that the island has developed against the disease.