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Mexican indigenous gains place in ritual warfare

Zitlala, Guerrero.- “They say it’s a drop of blood for a drop of rain,” Karina Vicente remarked nervously before their…

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Zitlala, Guerrero.- “They say it’s a drop of blood for a drop of rain,” Karina Vicente remarked nervously before their first fight in sentimentality indigenous rituals Dedicated to Tlaloc, the god of storms, from southern Mexico, with increasing participation of women,

In the past, the ceremony was “more for men, but for some time now (women) we want to contribute to Tradition “over 300 years”tells AFP in the municipality of jitlal (warrior position).

The 22-year-old psychology student makes it clear that although whipping “hurts,” the intention is that both sexes contribute to perpetuating this Nahuatl custom to attract rain and a good harvest.

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The ritual, which is called attsilistli in NahuatliLocals dress up as tigers every 5 May, wearing heavy leather masks and colorful suits with black polka dots, and armed with a string whip to brutally punish an opponent.

“It excites me a lot, but I have nerves”Karina recognizes Vicente with a mask and strings from her home next to a Catholic altar.

The belief indicates that the blood shed in wars is a Tlaloc. Offer to, The sound of each whiplash represents the desired rain rumble, the yellow-headed-dry in the suit and the feline-tail whining.

– “Pride” –

las fights They take place in a city basketball court with 6,000 residents and surrounded by mountains.

Before that, the settlers, divided into two groups, They dance to the beat of banda music, on the steep streets under the scorching sun.

Fencing erected to encompass the perimeter of the area enthusiastic crowdWhile the contenders pile up at the entrances, as only three enter Couples will face each other for about five minutes,

No one knows who they will fight until they come face to face.

“Lets go!” A man with a fat, bare chest takes on the challenge. Minutes later he raises his arms in victory and blood begins to flow from the eyelids of his steadfast opponent with wounds.

A dozen Referees separate fighters when they opt for kicks and punches,

“Jump!” A referee gives a command to a person who continues to challenge his lowly opponent.

The musicians from each team play together and the atmosphere becomes chaotic, while the smell of mezcal (agave wine) that the peelers drink and with which they moisten to harden them off the split.

Three hours later the women came in, who, unlike the men, greeted each other and hugged each other before and after the fight.

Karina, wearing pants, a black shirt and a ponytail under her mask, quickly circles her opponent with precise lashes.

their rivals in a few minutes takes off his mask in defeat, Kareena jumped with joy. “I love it, I’m proud!”

– Keep the tradition –

60-year-old Cleofas Cojito assures that After the ritual the rain appears in timeImportant to this community is the cultivation of corn and palm, with which they weave handicrafts.

So he celebrates the infiltration of women, because he believes it reinforces the tradition in which “they killed each other first.”

“Now there is gender equality)Not so masculine anymore”, she lives in her home with a tin roof surrounded by her daughters and grandchildren.

The party forgets you for a moment drug violence who hits guerreroWhere there were 1,500 murders in 2021 and poverty reached 70% of its 35 million residents.

Entrepreneur Ronnie Mabel, 23, regrets that city elders still oppose women’s fight.

“Patriarchy no longer exists, let’s be honest, women enter, fight, win. What a joy! They keep customs!”, Comment Ronnie.

In this year 2019, around 30 women fought against threeWhen they began to part, and two hundred men.

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The day after the fight, Karina Vicente is in pain, but she is also inspired. He smiles and says, “I will fight again. We have to keep in mind what we have won.

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