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Metro makes you lose kilometers

Sheinbaum can’t be blamed for the maintenance, but he does sweat in hot spots. It never ceases to amaze that…

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Sheinbaum can’t be blamed for the maintenance, but he does sweat in hot spots. It never ceases to amaze that the CDMX’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, wastes the political capital of her privileged closeness with President López Obrador.

Impressive and political, such closeness would already be desired by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard or, even, Interior Secretary, Aidan Augusto López, who some believe would be another final “third”. obstruction”.

His distance from what seemed like a solid prospect of running for Morena for Mexico’s next presidency shows just how many kilometers he has traversed to satisfy an independent expert opinion, coupled with astonishing disqualification and declaration of judicial hostility. was hired for. A year ago, after breaking and falling on Metro’s line 12.

In the distance metaphor, there were hundreds of meters that he had lost by falling into the trap of “gone right” the National Autonomous University of Mexico (his alma mater); Still others for grossly violating the Constitution by making prohibited publicity for unsuccessful re-ratification; Promote the lynching of 223 federal deputies who stifled counter-reform power with the lie that they are “traitors to the country”, as well as accumulated in the literal repetition of how much nonsense, insults or lies of their popular defenders.

If he remains in the presidential primaries for 2024, it doesn’t seem that he cares about the projected collection in elections to be carried out by voters, especially those from the middle class, who have opted for opposition in half of the capital’s mayors. Chosen. He reigns, the one who did not come to the difficult consultation of 10 April.

If past blunders can be tried to be justified by their ideological and political beliefs, then the fight with the firm that had previously garnered so much praise is more serious because it underscores the fact that there is a lack of management of public resources. 4T has been condemned given the prevailing ambiguity in the list of beneficiaries of social programmes, direct assignment of construction contracts and acquisitions as well as the disappearance of schemes benefitting battered women and minors in day care centers and full-time schools .

The DNV (Det Norske Veritas) considers the third report to be “biased, deficient and false”, considering the untimely detection of the lawyer prosecuting López Obrador a “conflict of interest” and determined to keep its contents secret. for resolution. That it includes observations about poor maintenance during the management of Florencia Serrania in the direction of the metro (“I’m just the director,” he even said), i.e. during the Sheinbaum government.

With the signing, however, it was agreed that the expert report should include “information gathering for documentary analysis including design, construction, rehabilitation, intervention, operation, maintenance and supervision.”
Revealing what is hidden will give Claudia back the mileage…