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Messages full of love from Carlos Rivera to Cynthia Rodriguez

Mexico.- Maybe Singer Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez prefer to keep their love affair off social networksHowever, lately he has…

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Mexico.- Maybe Singer Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez prefer to keep their love affair off social networksHowever, lately he has been seen as the most affectionate one in front of his followers, as he did while celebrating his 38th birthday, at which time he took the opportunity to melt in love through a message.

It was through his Instagram profile where Carlos shared a photo of Cynthia dedicating the softest words to her And made everyone die with love for the couple, making it clear that their love is so great that they don’t need to show it everywhere.

Carlos Rivera showed his affection for his girlfriend in a photo in which he looks the prettiest and said: “Your laughter lights up Madrid … and my life. Happy birthday, my love”, it’s all about uncovering types of reactions.

Carlos Rivera and the message with which he melts with love for Cynthia Rodriguez

Cynthia Rodriguez didn’t miss the opportunity to thank her boyfriend in detail and replied with “I love you” and some hearts. Later, the Mexican singer and host shared some pictures from their celebration, although it was not possible to see who the guests were.

The artist was surrounded by the love of her followers, friends and work colleagues, who sent all kinds of positive messages for her birthday and wished her luck and celebrated her life for another year.

It should be remembered that, within the framework of the birthday of Carlos, everything indicates that Cynthia the Great was absent, as they were not seen together at any time, however, it is believed that this schedule, the difference in work It was because of, even the place, that the couple did not spend it together.

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