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Melchor Rodrigo’s family rejects the crown sent by the Patinotto family to wake – people online

On Monday, May 16, a fire broke out in Belgrano, leaving one dead and two people affected by inhaling the…

By admin , in news , at May 19, 2022

On Monday, May 16, a fire broke out in Belgrano, leaving one dead and two people affected by inhaling the smoke. The incident happened in the apartment of one of the people involved, Philippe Petinato, who had to be taken to the hospital due to the result of inhaling fumes. Police confirmed the identity of the person who died a few hours ago: his name was Melchior Rodrigo,

melchior He was 44 years old, he was a neurologist, and forensic analysis showed that he died “Severe burning, congestion, swelling and pulmonary hemorrhage”, The investigation into what happened in the apartment on the 22nd floor is currently as follows “Investigation of the cause of death and fire” And fell into the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 25.

A big question in this case is what was the cause of the flames and what was its role? Felipe in all these. In Noon News program he spoke about the situation and disclosed information which was not known about the incident. Journalist Ignacio Gonzalez Prieto was in charge of giving all the details that complicate the son of Roberto Petinato,

Under this framework, the historian of the cycle “Nosotros a la Manana” reports that the family of Melchor Rodrigo refused the crown sent by the Petinato family, revealing the distress of the deceased’s relatives with what happened.

As detailed in the event organized by Polo Alvarez Melchior Rodrigo The neurologist’s parents, sister and friends were there since 9 am. Until that moment, the historian noted that he had not been able to speak with any of the family members.

However, he revealed that: “Earlier today there came a crown that the Petinato family said, and that the family of Melchor Rodrigo He asked to go out and I did not stay in the room where he said his last goodbye to Melchor.,Told the journalist live from Olivos.

In that sense, in the panel of the cycle of El Tres he remarked that these actions would indicate that the family suspected that “There was some situation” would cast doubt on the night of the fatal incident and the alleged friendship between Melchor and Petinato. . more information on



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