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Mbappe close to signing Real Madrid

obviously the final verdict Kian Mbappe He is already more determined than ever for what will be his new team…

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obviously the final verdict Kian Mbappe He is already more determined than ever for what will be his new team in the old continent. And it is that the Frenchman will already have his decision on his new team, just two days after his involvement with PSG in Ligue 1 ends.

A Spanish source tells that it will be a matter of days even if the decision is not taken and they believe in this great destination Santiago Bernabeu who will come down in their ranks. While the French put the striker’s renewal offer on the table, wait for him to accept it.

Everything indicates that the French striker’s issue will be resolved long ago, presumably after the Champions League final which will take place on May 28 in Paris between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Kylian Mbappe has already commented on other occasions that he was a fan since he was a kid real madrid And this excites all the followers of the white team to make their arrival as soon as possible.

Recent Signatures Erling Haaland As with Manchester City, this opens the door for Mbappe to reach Real Madrid, as it was widely rumored that the two were in sight of the white entity having a new contract.

Carlo Ancelotti’s tactical plan fits very well with Mbappe’s way of playing, as the Frenchman is a winger who can play on the left and right and in that case he can play on the right side with Real Madrid.

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Trident who paints for a fatality at Real Madrid, with Vinicius as a left winger and Mbappe on the right, with Karim Benzema as a centre. Federico Valverde will be in the sacrificial attack, but he can switch roles more in midfield.

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Mbappe close to signing Real Madrid

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