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Mazatlan’s Nassin baby goes to Sacramento for tumor in her arm

Sinaloa.- nasin was born with a hemangioma (tumor) on the left arm That it got complicated, and her parents’ agony…

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Sinaloa.- nasin was born with a hemangioma (tumor) on the left arm That it got complicated, and her parents’ agony increased when she started eating her skin.

Despite doctors and treatment, the damage continues. And the light came from the Lions club via Blanca Rodriguez, who contacted him with Srinar Mazatlán, in charge of Jorge León Aragon García. He has done Enlace con Healtcare for Childrens, en Sacramento, California.

this Monday trip to tijuanaShared the child’s mother Adeline Carmona. “I have mixed feelings: happy, hoping my girl gets proper care and will be fine; But afraid to travel and board a plane and go to the United States. But I do everything for my daughter,” said Adeline through tears.

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She was accompanied by her husband, Cristian Jovani Mendoza Moreno, who said he was gone and was grateful for the solidarity. They are confident that their child will get treatment.

the principle of helping others

Francisco Fermín Ramírez Ruiz of Shriner Mazatlán insisted that the first case be dismissed, as hospitals in the United States treat burn children, however, evidence sent to doctors indicated that Injury to minor’s hand is equivalent to third degree burnAnd was asked to send it immediately.

Today they are flying to Tijuana by plane, for a flight paid for by the local deputy, Juan Carlos Patron. There they will receive Adeline and her child. You Managed passport and humanitarian visa The assessment is to be done by experts on Tuesday afternoon.

Ramirez Ruiz indicated that they are attentive to supporting children who need immediate attention after a burn. During the pandemic, with all hygiene measures in place, 20 children were sent to Sacramento.

They demand the discovery of Martha Alejandra, who disappeared 10 days earlier in Urupan, Michoacani.