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Mazatlan FC, America & Gifts

cdmx.-. This Sunday, May 8, Mexico’s third richest man, Ricardo Salinas Pligoaccording to his custom, was very active on your…

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cdmx.-. This Sunday, May 8, Mexico’s third richest man, Ricardo Salinas Pligoaccording to his custom, was very active on your twitter account “@RicardoBSalinas”, where among other topics Talked about Mazatlan FC’s defeat against Pueblas In the playoffs of Liga MX.

Let’s remember that Nuevo León, a Monterey-born businessman, is the founder of Grupo Salinas, a consortium that in turn owns the team that currently plays at home in the port of Sinaloa of the same name.

It was in Blue Bird’s social network where Salinas Pligo threatened to ask For the footballers of the purple team Give 20 penalties each before you end your trainingWell, they were only a few maximum penalties away from qualifying for the Mexican Soccer League.

The billionaire also took advantage of the space to congratulate the “Fringe”, which was won by using the venue at Cuoutémoc Stadium. At the same time, he showed his support for the team led by Nicolas Larcamón of Argentina and wished him all the best for Fernando Ortiz’s quarter-final game against America.

Salinas Pligo Didn’t miss the chance to launch Light Emilio Azcaraga’s club insulted Calling them “eagles”, a name used as a joke to “eagles”.

“Great game, congratulations to the 2 teams and from tomorrow my gunners are going to shoot me 20 penalties before leaving each training session! Very nice @ClubPueblaMX, now for the Eagles!!!!”, he published.

gift money

Also this Sunday, the owner of Banco Azteca showed his human side and gave 70 thousand Mexican pesos (approximately US$3,458) based on current exchange rates on the Twitter handle @Adr1Montiel.

The money, which can only be used at Salinas Plego-owned Electra, will be distributed to the young man’s participation in a dynamic called by the department store and broadcast by the businessman on his social network.

“@ElektraMx has already announced their three winners for Children’s Day. This is mine: Adrian Montiel Rojas takes $70k #ElektraVale so he can buy whatever he wants, I pay!”, he posted .

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