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Mass march of mothers tracking this May 10 in Mazatlán

Sinaloa. – His face shows pain, he has tears on his face and a broken voice, moms Of Collective Lost…

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Sinaloa. – His face shows pain, he has tears on his face and a broken voice, moms Of Collective Lost Treasure Until You Find Its, they assure that they will continue in the fight.
nothing’s gonna stop Find your kids.

in Dozens of mothers demonstrated on this 10th May At the family monument located on Avenida del Mar in Mazatlan.

With banners in hand demanding that the authorities do their jobs and showing photographs with the names of their children and the dates of their disappearance, they reiterate that There is nothing for them to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

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Glorimar’s mother, Claudia García, insists that a year and a half after her daughter’s disappearance, it hurts her even more today to see her granddaughters cry for their mother.

Daniela Fariol remembers talking with her on the day her son went missing, she was waiting for him with some old tacos, but Cristobal Tostado didn’t come.

Like these two moms, there are 80 who make up the group and are looking for names like Daniel, Jess Antonio, Jose, Luis, Ricardo, Carlos Alberto, Jaime Miguel, Juan and many more.

Irma Arrellano, who joined the Collective about five years ago, recently found her son and continues to fight. Of the 155 missing people in the country, about 5,000 are from Sinaloa.

Fire in a trailer carrying cardboard in Alota, Sinaloa

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