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Martha did not file a complaint

Sinaloa. – According to the information available till date, Martha Angelica 28 years old, who was Guasave. murder victim in…

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Sinaloa. – According to the information available till date, Martha Angelica 28 years old, who was Guasave. murder victim in He had not filed a complaint of violence against his passionate partner and the killer.announced the female secretary, Tere Guerra Ochoa.

He expressed regret that the cases of murder of women are increasing in the state during 2022. 12 women have been murdered during 2022of which will accompany the death of Martha Angelica 7 is specified as female-murderWith all the features, this is according to information released by the state attorney general’s office.

“In this case it is usually a femicide, so far as it has happened, He was murdered by his own partnerWhat it tells us about the level of risk that many women are being violated in their immediate environment is very unfortunate,” he said.

He said that he had a Murders on the rise in the northern region of SinaloaIt goes even further in that it pertains to smaller municipalities and white arms, which shows that institutions are failing to eradicate violence due to a lack of means of prevention.

“It is very worrying that what should be the safest place as the home is becoming the most unsafe place and death zone for many women, we need to be more aware of when to break a relationship which puts them at risk. situation,” he emphasized.

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As of now, he said there is no connection with the relatives, but the state will try to get involved in the matter and provide assistance to the relatives of the young woman.

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Martha did not file a complaint

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