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Mariana Garza backs Sasha Sokol after condemning abuse

After revealing the accused Sexual Exploitation from music producer Louis of LlanoMexican singer and actress Sasha Sokol has the support…

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After revealing the accused Sexual Exploitation from music producer Louis of LlanoMexican singer and actress Sasha Sokol has the support of her friends and colleagues from Timbirichfrom them Eric Rubinu, Beni Ebara and recently, marion garza reiterated his solidarity with his friend, Appreciating her for not keeping quiet and telling things as they happened,

Singer Mariana Garza, wife of theater and television actor Pablo Peroni, said during several media interviews, “It is a very painful topic, I have great respect for my sister (Sasha Sokol), who is with this recapitalization and her name. Naming things.”

Actress and television host, 51 years old and originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico State. commented that Sasha Sokol when he was young, lived certain situations in such a way, that he did not understand that they were wrong,

And at this point in his life, at this age, he feels that this is different from how he was living it and I, I take off my hat, there are things that are not perfect and should not overlap.

Mariana Garza was questioned about whether she had communication with Luis De Llano, after the strong allegations against him. “We don’t have a relationship anymore, but that’s all I can talk about, which is what should be in my opinion, that’s how we’re going to get it to change something, but it’s everyone’s responsibility.”

According to a statement posted on social media, Sasha Sokoli He mentioned that the alleged sexual abuse happened after he started a love affair with the music producer when he was 14 and she was 39.

for now, Sasha Sokol has not sued Luis De Llano, He said in a recent meeting with several entertainment reporters, “The day I report it, they will know, through the support of the authorities and the law, women and men who have been victims of abuse, raise their voices and seek justice.” Will find.” ,

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“As Luis De Llano and I have devoted ourselves to entertainment for so many years, I understand that some may think this is a show, but it is not, it is a deeply painful subject with dire consequences. On behalf of boys and girls who have been abused, I ask them to raise the level of conversation.

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